You’ve got one minute!

You've got one minute!

I love improvising, but in one minute, close up and on video?

The second I hit the record button, I think I’ve got only one minute and than I realise how slow that minute all of a sudden is.

22, 23, 24 …. you get it!

Day 4 and I am starting to realise, I’ve set myself quite a challenge! Well done Anja, I am excited.

So, many questions run through my head:

  • What can you do in one minute, what can you say?
  • How close to film and how far to go away, which filters etc.
  • Will people find my project interesting at all?

Hold on a moment Anja, this is not about other people. This is about me and my own exploration. You, demons, telling me how stupid all of this is, you can go straight back into the cupboard. Or go and pay someone else a visit for a change…

In case you are wondering what this is all about, I am taking part in the 100 day project initiated by Elle Luna. The idea is to create something. Do something you love doing for 100 days. Everyday you post your results on Instagram. The project started 4th of April and you still can join, if you’d like to.

You've got one minute!

Here is the link:

What’s brilliant about the 100 day project is, that there are literally thousands of creative people from all over the world, doing this with you at the same time. I find it totally thrilling to see what others are doing!

Check out Chelsea Edwardson

I love her stuff. She also does improvisation, but as a musician. I find her posts highly inspiring.

In my opinion, the 100 day project is such a great idea on so many levels. You get to work on something, that matters to you over a longer period of time, holding yourself accountable by posting on Instagram. Everybody will see, when you’ve stopped.

Today I posted my 12th video of one minute improvisation on camera. I decided to film myself with my Iphone one minute long for 100 days in mainly close up.

I tell you, I already learned quite a bit. Like for example, that it is stupid to not film with a selfie stick, because it is nearly impossible to hold the camera steady. I am sure I can tell you much more about my findings further along the project. It’s a lot to process.

You've got one minute!

Here are the rules I came up with:

  1. Every day I’ve got only one shot. If I don’t like it, that’s tough luck. I can’t just do another one minute film.
  2. Editing my footage is not allowed. I may use the Instagram filters though and I often do.
  3. The video must not be planned, but improvised. Although I may use an idea. 🙂 Yes!

Am I crazy? Yes, no news there. I just do things differently, that’s all. But I know as well, that the more restrictions I give myself, the more creative I can get. It needs to be specific, so that I know what to play around with.

I edited the last 4 improvisations into a video for you, so that you get a feeling! Follow me on Instagram to see how the project is evolving.

I have some rather superficial reasons for doing 100 days of one minute video and some, which go a little deeper.

The superficial ones are mainly, that I got an Iphone this year and I want to learn more about using the video and at the same time, I want to become more natural with the camera. I have noticed I am shying away from the live videos on Facebook.

Another deeper reason is that I, since quite a while now, don’t like to see myself in the mirror anymore. That’s why I have designed my project in a  way, that forces me to look into my own face for one minute, no matter how I feel at the given moment.

I believe this dislike of mirrors is connected to my chronique health issues and the constant nagging exhaustion I feel. It kind of has affected my self confidence. So, I feel it’s important to become friends with myself again. Especially since I am with me at all times…

I also want my one minute videos to be an antidote to such a perfect world. Where you have to look perfect, be perfect before you ever are allowed to show something you’ve done! Especially when you happen to be a woman.

But me and my art never have been about being perfect in the first place. I want to make  imperfect art.

I already feel myself easing into working with the camera. It helps a lot not being able to make any excuses. I do it no matter how I feel or how I think I look like. And to be honest, I am enjoying it a lot. It makes me want to do more with the camera and soon I’ll be all geared up for live videos as well.

I can’t wait to see where this whole project will take me!

You've got one minute!

Why don’t you join me and do the 100 days youself? It’s not too late to get started!

I hope I see you on Instagram! Here is my account!

I really hope you’re joining me! It’s so much fun!

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