Your Dreamy Cappuccino is nearly ready

Dreamy Cappuccino

Finally the time has come to launch my podcast ‘Dreamy Cappuccino’ with my stories, musings and memoirs.

It’s been over a year in the making due to various reasons. I guess life sometimes gets in the way and I had my moments, where I wondered whether Dreamy Cappuccino was just one of those aborted projects. You know,  when the energy gets lost along the way.

But luckily this wasn’t the case. I am immensely grateful to Chelsea Edwardson, who’s done a brilliant job with composing the music to my stories, while juggling, being a single mom to a young toddler.

Honestly,  it fills my heart with joy, that our efforts have come to fruition, taking on the road bumps along the way. Not giving up, applying patience, pushing through, while dealing with life’s challenges at the same time.

Of course you have been patient too, since I already announced the idea of Dreamy Cappuccino in July 2018. Still,  the wait  has been so worthwhile. Dare I say,  a treat is awaiting you and it is my dearest wish, that you enjoy listening to the stories as much as I enjoyed writing as well as recording them.

They really come alive and the music is adding an extra layer of magic to the whole thing. While I take you on a journey to other worlds, where crazy things, the unimaginable can happen.

Here’s a little sneak peek!

Dreamy Cappuccino is for you, it’s  your inspiration in a cup

For so many of us, life has predominantly become extremely busy and stressful at times. I created Dreamy Cappuccino to enable you to take respite for a short while. It’s an opportunity to not only immerse yourself into a dreamworld,  but also to  come back to reality refreshed with a hopefully different perspective.  Because most of the stories are likely to make you think in  a  new way.

That’s what stories always have been there for, to reconnect ourselves with our soul and to withdraw from the outer distractions of this world, so that we can soak up the hidden wisdom buried within a story, while being entertained at the same time.

Each episode won’t be longer than 15 min. and Chelsea on purpose left a couple of minutes of her music at the end before the outro, so that you can stay in the dream-space for a little longer.

Dreamy Cappuccino

I will launch three stories at once end of January. You will be able to listen to them on I-Tunes. But I will also post them on my blog.

After that there will be two stories per month released. If you want to support our endeavour I would really appreciate it, if you subscribe to the podcast, once it’s running on I-Tunes and leave a comment.

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Of course, I will let you know when my podcast Dreamy Cappuccino is exactly out.  It’s most likely around the 25th of January!

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