You wanna have a dreamy cappuccino?

Dreamy Cappuccino

God, I love the sound of a shiny silver expresso machine, sitting behind the counter of a cozy café; the grinding of the beans, the steaming of the milk until it’s hot and full of froth, the dripping of the espresso into the mug.

To me there’s nearly nothing more enjoyable than the perfect cup of cappuccino. I feel personally insulted, when it doesn’t live up to my standards. It needs to be strong, with the right amount of froth and chocolate sprinkles on top.  In my eyes it’s an art, which needs to be celebrated!

I adore Cafés! They give me a homely feeling. Especially, when having just moved to a new place. Satisfying the part within me, that identifies with the writer.

It means I can take my dreamy self to the café of choice, equipped with my various journals. At the moment, it’s a larger black one and a smaller pink one. No lines, no squares, but blank paper, a smooth surface and a black Stabilo fine liner 0.4. The world of sounds is fading into the background, while my black pen is gliding effortlessly across the paper.

I hear the coffee machine in the background, the chit-chat of other people, the giggly laughter of the teenage girls next to me, the clinking of the cutlery put on the table. It all becomes the tapestry for my own dreamy world, in which I immerse myself, while drinking my cappuccino.

Dreamy Cappuccino

I love the whole feeling of it. Thoughts drawn out of my brain and on to the patient paper. That never complains, never rebels, when my sometimes, sticky, nervous, complaining sentences hit my journal.

When I sit and write in a café, I don’t aspire to come up with the next great idea, I just sit with myself and write down whatever silly thoughts waft through my brain. I am immersed into my own dreamy cappuccino world and almost always come out of it energized and refreshed. Feeling reconnected with myself.

I think we all need to hit the reset button regularly!

Especially in a world that is so driven and busy. Being so full of expectations, bombarding  you constantly with  who and what you should be in any given moment of the day. It’s easy to just fall into functioning mode, surviving the day at hand, while feeling exhausted and tired all at the same time. Quickly you lose sight of your own purpose, wondering how your zest of life fell by the wayside.

That’s exactly why I decided to create a ‘Dreamy Cappuccino’ podcast with my stories, musings and memoirs to inspire and uplift you. While helping  you break the mold of your weekly routines at the same time. I’ll podcast a story once a week. Beginning of September, most probably the third, will be the kick off date.

The first 12 episodes are already mapped out and you’ll be able to listen to the stories of my e-book called ‘Inappropriate Colours, 12 story-delights for the whacky mind’, which by the way, you can download for free, if you subscribe to my newsletter in the box below this post. This way, I also can inform you when the podcast actually goes live!

Dreamy Cappuccino

The great news is, I still have so much material, stories, musings, memoirs, that I won’t run out of episodes anytime soon. Which is brilliant!

I think listening directly to stories, instead of reading them yourself, can be great. It’s in a way more interactive, because you can hear my voice. The big advantage is also, that you can listen to them anywhere really; on your Smartphone, I-Phone, in the car, or your computer. It’ll be great, when you just wanna have a break from a hard working day and you want to relax without having to do so much yourself. The only thing you gonna have to do is take 15 -20 min. out of your week and just listen.

I am so excited about this, I can’t even begin to tell you. The past weeks have been filled with me taking excessively all kinds of pictures of cappuccinos on their own and with me drinking them. I have researched everything you need to know about podcasting. And I started recording my stories, just as a practice for now and figured it is actually a good idea to do some voice training before recording…

My wonderful web designer Amanda Creek, who also did this website for me, is going to do the artwork for my podcast, hopefully from the cappuccino picture you can see below. And this weekend I am gonna chat with my Instagram friend and musician Chelsea Edwardson about a possible collaboration, regarding the sound and music side of things. It’ll be great to have her on board.

Dreamy Cappuccino

Here’s some final thoughts on, what a perfect ‘Dreamy Cappuccino’ means to me:

‘The froth on top, the lightness of being. Inspiration combined with chocolate, humour and laughter sprinkled on top. Then you can taste the strong, bitter taste of the espresso. The zest of life, which gives the whole drink its depth. A dreamy cappuccino allows you to taste something otherworldly. And let it refresh you for the remaining challenges of the day. When you’ve had a dreamy cappuccino you feel awake, inspired and uplifted.’

I’ll leave you with the quote of a Facebook friend of mine, yearning for a ‘Dreamy Cappuccino’:

‘It sounds like an aromatic and tasteful dream. An awakening of the senses, that keeps you feeling like you are dreaming. It sounds like fantasy in a cup.’

So, you wanna have a ‘Dreamy Cappuccino’?







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