Win a story, especially written for you!

Fall is undeniable here, it is the time for going “Inside”, releasing the business of summer, all the hustle and bustle and settling into the nowness of the moment.
Breathing in, breathing out. Letting go, like the autumn leaves do.


By watching my video and commenting on it, you can do both:

“Going inside and winning a story especially written for you!”

Here is what you need to do!

1. Watch the video (1.45 min).
2. Comment how it touched you personally and what it reminded you off (either a real memory or a phantasy).
3. Share with at least one friend, who is in need of a bit of “Inside” time!

The comment which inspires me most to write a story about wins and I’ll write a story especially for you!

The contest runs until Halloween October 31. midnight London time.

The prices are:
1. A story especially written for you based on your comments, emailed as a PDF to you.I will also publish it on my blog and mention, that it has been inspired by you! So your name will appear.

2. An already existing story I’ll send to you as a PDF. You can choose whether you want a realistic, sarcastic or fanciful one.

3. My three secrets how to boost your creativity as a PDF.

So let’s get going! Watch, comment, share and hopefully win!

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Melanie Sari
Melanie Sari
6 years ago

It does remind me very much of returning/being inside for the cold months. Being able to focus on the light. I love focusing on candle light in the winter. It exudes warmth, and I feel warm inside. It makes me thoughtful, wondering what the future holds. The light in your movie has a different focus – there is something mysterious to be discovered, something of wonder. Is it all positive? I am not sure, but it’s worth following it. It might be a ray of hope and promise. Is it a “just” a light of wonder? Or is it even… Read more »

6 years ago

I was thinking: Why can’t poor Anja turn of the fan? What’s her problem with all the wind? The film has the impression of movement in outer space, or towards Neverland. You would be a very good Wendy. 😀

Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
6 years ago

I feel claustrophobic, which reminds me of a dungeon, a dungeon without light, no light, no hope…But I’m not shackled, I can move, a narrow opening to hope? Not unless I let those cold dark walls wrap themselves around me and slowly squeeze close that last path to hope…go, I think, before all is lost…