Why would you wanna watch

why would you wanna watch

Why would you wanna watch? Because it’s different, quirky and unexpected. Simple!

1. April, the next 100 day project will start, hosted by the artist Elle Luna on Instagram. Everyone participating, will commit to something they will work on for a period of 100 days and they will post something everyday on Instagram.

Last year I made one minute improvised videos. I wanted to know, how this kind of thing could work with a camera.

Since I had all these videos lying around, I thought I might as well do something with them and I decided to turn them into a little series called ‘Anja’s World’

I so far ended up with 8 episodes á 3 minutes. There’s still a lot of material left and I am wondering, whether I edit the rest into one faster paced snippet or whether I should continue with the episodes. I haven’t really decided yet. I guess, you’ll find out tomorrow.

why would you wanna watch

It’s probably the most vulnerable work of mine so far. Since most of the time I am not acting out a character, but I am simply being me, a performer improvising. So, I guess, it’s kind of personal.

At the same time, that’s what I like about the series. The contrast of different moods and goofy interludes, you kind of don’t expect. It definitely documents 100 days of being me from April 2017 – June 2017. That’s kind of intriguing on its own.

I will partake in the 100 day project this year again, because it’s a great way to work on something and produce material at the same time, regardless of what you’ll do with it later. This time, I decided to work on monologues, I’ve written myself. That’ll include older and newer ones and I want to do each one of them for the camera in three different styles.

I can’t wait to be honest!

But now back to Anja’s World. You can watch the first 4 episodes on my blogpost Moody is my world. The other ones I’ve made, you can watch here.


In Episode 5, I am talking about positive thinking, oppressive boredom and how my first concert I ever went to, was the Private Dancer Show by Tina Turner. My parents took me, imagine that!

In Episode 6, I am walking with my camera for the first time through Penzance. You’ll also get to know why the church wanted to abolish the daisies and why I love the rain.

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have a voice? You can’t express yourself the way you would like to? That’s exactly what this one starts with. Another important question is about how we decide whether something is interesting or not. That’s what Episode 7 is about.

Perfectionism, swimming in the sea and being in a public place with my camera are the subjects of this one. Enjoy the last Episode Nr. 8!

That’s it for now! What did you make of those little snippets? I am curious. Find out tomorrow, what I’m gonna do with the rest of my one minute improvised 100 days material.