Why stories matter to us

Why stories matter to us

Stories do matter, because they connect us to our heart and soul! That’s at least how I see it.

We sometimes forget what a great impact great stories already had on us, whilst still being a child. I bet on you, you can tell me your favourite childhood’s hero and all their trials they had to go through and exactly why you loved them so much.

The other day I was visiting Rita in Co. Cavan, we are embarking on a collaboration together with other artists, but that’s another tale to tell for another time. Anyway, we both realised, that we had the very same hero, Pipi Longstocking! We looked up to this character and wanted to be just like her.

Pipi Longstocking, created by Swedish children’s author Astrid Lindgren, was a huge hit in Germany. I used to dress up as her for carneval, my mom made a Pipi Longstocking doll, that was as tall as I at the time and I loved her to bits and pieces. This for sure was one of the first main characters, that was female, strong and adventurous. Pipi Longstocking lived on her own in a quirky villa, her dad was a pirate, who always sent her boxes with gold coins and she kept on going on these great adventures together with her friends Annika and Tom.

Oh, and of course she was so powerful, that she would carry her own horse on one finger and throw the bad guys up into the air.

What’s not to love about her! In a sense the message was:

‘It’s okay to be different, to be strong and to be adventurous! Go for it!’

Stories have the ability to carry hidden messages straight to our being, while we get enchanted with their metaphoric imagery, taking us on a journey beyond our visible reality.

It’s funny how often I forget information I’ve learned, but when it has been encoded within a story, I sure still can tell you about it, still decades later. Like the one the buddhist master told us in one of the retreats I have been attending in the past.

Many teachings I have forgotten by now, but not the one about the dirty socks, which haven’t been washed…

This and more I tell you  in my little video below.

And of course I have another quirky, sneak peek for you to enjoy!

To kick things off, this coming Monday, you will be able to listen to the first three episodes of my podcast, Dreamy Cappuccino:

When the k disappeared

Cloud Nr. 9 and the professional shitholders

When the frog wanted to steal the turtles shell

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And now a sneak peek for ‘Cloud Nr. 9 and the professional shitholders’.



  1. I finally found some time this morning to reacquaint myself with your blog. It’s always an enjoyable get away. Of course, I got luck this time, because you’re talking about things right up my alley, as you already know. I’m especially interested in reading the story “When the Frog Wanted to Steal the Turtle’s Shell”.

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