When the darkness creeps up on you or Anastasia bleeding

Here I am on my birthday in Galway City, which has literally shut down, because of a blizzard red flag warning. The supermarkets are closed, the theatre show ‘Waiting for Godot’ I had tickets for, has been cancelled for tonight.

You know this feeling of loneliness creeping  up on you like a sudden chill in the air?

That’s me right now.

It’s as if the soul shivers, while the darkness is settling in.

But in a weird sort of way it’s very much in sink with Anastasia Bleeding, the first film of our trilogy called  transformation, created by Caro Woods and me in 2012.

Now, that I have moved forward to a new place and a new life, from St. Ives in Cornwall England to Galway City in Ireland, I decided it’s a good time to go backwards and share with you the work I created in the past.

When the darkness creeps up on you or Anastasia bleeding

My plan is to blog about a piece of my work, film, theatre, stories etc. for every single day throughout March. I want to celebrate my creations and shed a new light on them at the same time.  Will you come on the ride with me?

We need to know where we are coming from in order to move forward boldly, incorporating a new sense of direction and purpose within our life.

The in between space is for once more capturing me. It’s like as if you’re traveling by plane and you’re mid air. Neither here nor there. Undefined, blue skies all around you.

 It may not be comfortable but it’s where the magic happens. Where unspoken secrets enthrall you.

I am in mid air. The ending hasn’t quite yet come to an end and the beginning hasn’t quite yet begun.

Stay Anja stay. Stay a little longer. Just a little, tiny bit…

Anastasia bleeding is about entering the unknown of darkness. Beauty lies hidden within the terrors of the soul.

Transformation begins, when you’re ready to die.

Anastasia is bleeding…

I love the strong imagery Caro and I created. It’s like a meditation on the shadow world, the unspeakable.

There’s something intriguing about darkness, when it creeps up on you…

That is, if you don’t judge and condemn it immediately.

Stay, stay, just a tiny bit longer, before you emerge again and bring us the treasures of the unknown.








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