When the bluebird starts to soar

Excerpts from the sorrow and the bluebird

There is a sorrow, which is being drained down the pipes. It is so much, that the pipes can’t hold it anymore and it leaks straight into the basement. Hidden in the basement, the massive pool of sorrow is to be found.

The sorrow herself wants to be held, cradled and nurtured like a precious baby.
And then, only then she can turn into what the sorrow’s meant to be.
A bluebird! The bluebird soars into the skies, feels the lightness and freedom. And he flies to the rainbow dragon, who looks like a dragon fly.

You can read the full story here: The sorrow, which is being drained down the pipes

Excerpts from the rainbow dragon, who looked like a dragon fly

The landscape looked bleak, black and burned. Rotten tree trunks everywhere and the soil was pitch black. Nothing else to see. I started to walk through this barren land.
Bleak, black and burned.

After a very long time, I came to a place that looked somehow different.
I saw something green. Something tiny working its way through the pitch black soil. It grew so fast. In front of my eyes a beautiful, wonderfully fragrant magenta rose formed. I sat down and watched, since there was nothing else to do. Three days passed. Then the rose started to talk:
“I need water. If I don’t get water I will die. Help me.”
My heart started to ache, because I knew there was no water.

“Dear sun, please tell me. How do I find the the rainbow waterfall? And how do I get the rainbow dragon to give me some water?”

“The rainbow dragon, who looks like a dragon fly, doesn’t give water at any rate. The waters, where all the rainbows come from are holy waters. He gives it to those, who reveal their heart, who gift him with their whole being. My dear, I am tired now and I need to rest. Farewell and good luck.”
The sun left me and I walked over to the other edge and prayed to the rainbow dragon, who looked like a dragon fly.’

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Excerpts from the magic fairy flute

“Pick me up, please! Play me, I want to be played.”
I never played the flute before, but I obeyed nevertheless. If a flute talks to you, you better do what it tells you, so were my thoughts.
The moment my mouth touched the flute, it seemed to play itself and I could hear the most wonderful magic music I had ever heard.
Not only that, but each single tone, which escaped the flute was actually a fairy.
The room was filling up with tone fairies. They had all different colors and they were dancing and humming in the air.

Read the full story here: The magic fairy flute

Today, I thought it would be nice to show you another world by highlighting some of my drawings, accompanied by excerpts of the stories they were made for.

Isn’t it great to let the fantasy fly into the lands of rainbow dragons, bluebirds and tone fairies? Yes it is.

Tomorrow I am planning to dive into some memory based stories of mine.