Whatever you can do in a very short amount of time!

Another film, which has been created while I was in Ireland. Although I finished it second, it was actually the first footage I had taken. When I decided to go to the wedding on Inis Mor, I had the vision to take my video camera along and to film on Dun Aengus, where I had been the last time 20 years ago. I did not have a clue what the film would be about. The only thing I knew that I wanted other people to join me. Luckily Greta was up for it and so we set out on our adventure. Since Greta had to catch the ferry the same day we had only very little time. Literally 45 min. There was no time to make great plans, we just improvised. I have to say it was great fun. Back home I asked another friend of mine, Jean whether she would be up for doing the vocals for the film. I wanted mainly just to have hauntingly, beautiful sound. Today we recorded Jean’s improvisation, so that I finally could put the film together.
It is not about perfection, but about what you can do in a very short amount of time. I somehow quite like the rawness of it.

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