We transformed a bus stop into something otherworldly

We transformed a bus stop into something otherworldly

In 2011 I was rediscovering myself as a performer and creative on so many levels. It was an enchanting year, propelling me forward into new creative and otherworldly dimensions.

October 2010 I had moved into a cozy cottage in Trezelah, close to Penzance. More importantly, my landlady  Caro Woods, a wonderful artist, became my partner in crime on quite a few film projects especially throughout 2011 and part of 2012.

Our first film was Cassandra and after that we moved on to the transformation series, inspired by the music of Ghostwriter.

We transformed a bus stop into something otherworldly

When you move to a new place and country, you have the chance to redefine yourself. Nobody knows you yet. Cornwall very much became a place of growing fresh creative roots, reaching far down into the fertile soil.

To me it was a great blessing, having felt lost and wanting to throw in the towel altogether.

I had been in a crisis previously, thinking:

‘Maybe I just should stop acting altogether’

But no matter how much I am tormented with doubts, I usually find my way back. Because I just can’t help it. I have to create, perform, do weird things, being well aware of the risk of maybe never gaining the recognition I would like to have.

My stuff is far from mainstream. I well remember, when a fellow, successful actor, told me  he didn’t want to take my show ‘Circus of Emotions’ on, since it was too individual for his taste.

Well, I won’t sacrifice my unique perspective for becoming popular. Take it or leave it, I suppose. At least I can say I stayed true to myself as a performer and creative.

Back to the transformation series …

In Abracadabra a young woman is cut off from reality. A thin veil separates her from the rest of the world. She is searching, reaching out and still caught in another sphere.

I love the otherworldly atmosphere of the film. There’s something very endearing about the imagery, even though the music might not be everybody’s taste.

I never forget how Caro and I stumbled across the bus stop in St. Ives and I immediately thought this is great. Let’s do something with it. Right here, right now. It’s time to play.

Caro and me, we both love to create in the spur of the moment and let our instincts be the guide. This is what happened here.

We  improvised with a dirty bus stop and turned it into something otherworldly, knowing it would fit the subject perfectly.

Most of the times it’s only  a matter of perspective, whether something looks mundane or turns into something otherworldly. The trick is to zoom in closer…



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