Treat me like a prisoner!

“Treat me like a prisoner,
Treat me like a fool.
Treat me like a loser,
Use me as a tool.
Face me ’til I’m hungry,
Push me in the cold.
Treat me like a criminal,
Just a shadow on the wall!” Lyrics from Shadow on the wall by Mike Oldfield


This is Constantine, a character I am developing for my show. Constantine is only in the very beginning stages of development and a lot needs yet to be explored. She intrigues, fascinates and scares me at the same time. When I listened to the Mike Oldfield classic “Shadow on the wall” I felt the lyrics were very fitting and this is how this little introduction came about. Every mask has got its own energy imprint you are working with and even though everybody would play the same mask differently it still should project the same basic energy. My teacher and mentor Ron East used to say: “You can’t betray a mask without it showing.” This mask is one my flatmate Katie wanted to throw out and I luckily got hold of it before it was too late. It was exactly what I had been looking for.
The idea for developing Constantine derived from having done my first show, improvising on being a dark worker instead of a light worker. Basically I was taking the mickey out of a form of spirituality, which seems to be all lovely and floaty and I thought since so many people call themselves light workers, there should be a counterpart, a dark worker. Encouraged by some of the feedback I thought it was worth while to explore this subject a little further.
And here we are now with a newborn Constantine a dark worker, who feels like she has a lot of trickster energy, is not to be fooled around with and is light and explosive at the same time.
I certainly have created myself a challenge, that’s for sure. And even though I am excited about the character I have my troubles with it at the same time. “Is she too much? Is she that, this or the other? Will I have the courage to let herself express fully?” I feel she has some outrageous potential and I think I need to give myself permission to really go there. Luckily I have learned in my training that when we work creatively we are always given the right challenge, which really moves us ahead. This is certainly exciting and Constantine in my eyes has a lot of potential.
What do you make of Constantine?
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Kevin Sari
6 years ago

What is a dark worker? Someone who works late shifts or someone who works in the black market?

Kevin Sari
6 years ago
Reply to  Anja

I suppose organized crime is a profession if it’s a source of income. You have mild mannered reporter like Kent Clark who becomes Superman, why could you have mild mannered librarian that works in the black market or something devious at night.