Three stories to delight your heart

Oh my God, I am so excited, this is really happening! My first three episodes of Dreamy Cappuccino are ready and here for you to enjoy. This has been such a long time in the making and finally it’s here.

In the video above I am giving you a short description for all three stories you can choose from and I have included my sneak peeks I shared with you previously as well.

I recommend you use headphones, when listening as it is a better, more intimate experience. The stories have been written and recorded by me, the music has been composed by Chelsea Edwardson. We on purpose left some minutes with only music after each story before the outro, so that you can stay in the dreamworld for a little longer.

Here’s a quick reminder for the stories:

  1. When the k disappeared; Mr. Nobody or Somebody is typing on his old typewriter Emilia until one day the k disappears and nothing is the same anymore.

  2. Cloud Nr. 9 and the professional shitholders; The professional shitholders are earning shitloads of money by dealing with people’s unwanted emotions, while the light workers reside on Cloud Nr.9

  3. When the frog wanted to steal the turtles shell; One day when having a stroll on land, the turtle encounters a frog concert. But when the conductor frog blames her to have evesdropped, insisting that she’d have to pay, things go awfully wrong…

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Three stories to delight your heart

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Three stories to delight your heart

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