The wonderful present of the ushtungus

IMG_5621The ushtungus are like animals, hanging in trees with their arms and legs wrapped around the branches. Very much like a bat maybe, although they look more similar to an ape I think.
The ushtungus are yellow, originating from the yellow planet itself. They are known for being lazy, doing nothing else but hanging in the branches of the trees.
Yesterday, when we walked through a tree alley, with beautiful majestic trees on both sides, I have seen a few of them. Just hanging about and being lazy. They seem to prefer broadleaf trees, like the lime for example.
Unfortunately the ushtungus are in danger of dying out altogether. They depend on humans, who can both hear and see them simultaneously. They sound very peculiar, very much like old springs of a sofa, creaking when a human bum wiggles about. What they look like you already know. They are yellow just to remind you.
The ustungus have to be fed with wild thyme. Why that is, nobody knows. They are not just only dependent on humans, who can see and hear them, but even more so they need some humans who in addition, know what wild thyme looks like, which can be found by the sides of many walking paths and is not only a delicacy for the ushtungus, but also the only thing they can in fact eat.
The problem is, that there are only very few people left, who can see and hear the ushtungus. Most of them got too much lost in their own world of constant business and pass by the beautiful ushtungus without any further notice , as if they were nonexistent.
Are there already very few people left, who are capable of seeing the ushtungus, there are even less, who are still connected enough to mother nature and her treasures, recognizing wild thyme.
That’s why the ushtungus are dying out. One after the other they become extinct. They become invisible to the humans, shrinking into an invisible bubble, which blows out with a little, hardly audible “ping”. And then they are back on their yellow planet, where they came from and they are very, very sad, because they weren’t able to fulfill their mission and they cry, which lands as rain on our earth. That’s nice as well, but that’s not really what they intended. They came to our planet earth to spread calm and equanimity, especially in Germany, but also in other parts of the planet. They know, that’s it what the planet is in so desperate need of.
Stillness, equanimity and play.
All three go hand in hand. Play others are responsible for. Stillness and equanimity the ushtungus have to account for. There’s no play without stillness and equanimity.
Unfortunately all three of those things are looked down upon by the humans, especially stillness and calm, which they often confuse with laziness. That’s why they think the ushtungus are lazy. That was, when still more people could see them. People, who play are hard to find, even kids don’t play much anymore. Those, who do still dare to play are blamed for being irresponsible, childish and unreliable.
But the ushtungus know, that our planet earth will only survive, when more people find the calm and stillness needed for play, the preliminary for innovation.
When a human sees and hears an ushtungu and feeds them with wild thyme, then the ushtungu lets himself fall from the tree on to the shoulders of the person, who fed them. This person is all of a sudden filled with a calmness and peace they have never known in their life before. Ushtungus are very loyal, similar to dogs, but they are depending on the human to keep on feeding and looking after them. When the person thinks, “now that I am calm and peaceful I can go back to my busy routine and even handle more”, then the ushtungu vanishes very quickly with a little “ping”. But when the person honors the ushtungu and keeps on feeding it, then the ushtungu stays for his/her whole life with him/her nourishing them with calm and stillness, being over the moon that it could fulfill its mission and that it found a person, it could gift with the unique gifts it had to offer.
I hope that more people can see and hear the ushtungus again and that they feed them and invite them to stay with them.

Long live the ushtungus!

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Nice story – I liked it. Hope you enjoyed going back home to Germany, glad your back to writing again.