The ripple effect; I am fear

Now we are nearly two weeks further down the line, from when I shared “My story, my journey!” And many things have happened since! Wonderful, inspiring things! I really don’t quite know, what to start with.
If I go with the subject, than the first ripple effect, which occurred has been that Rachel responded to my last blog entry with this beautiful poem called:

“I am Fear”

I am fearful
I live in fear
I wonder whether this time I’ll be caught?
And yet I have done nothing of which to be ashamed.
Nothing other than care, and dare and say let’s do it.

So why I live in cold jitters waiting for a knock
An authority
A voice, which doubts and judges and places us all in hell.
Be my own authority
Take the risk
Take the decision
They always love that about me
Be brave and sometimes live with the consequence
It’s inspirational.

But never fear the consequence
It was right when it was right
And after…well we have to see.

For fear would keep me here
No dream or dare or notion of something else
And authority would still knock.
As the circles of permission get smaller and smaller
I cannot move. (by Rachel Rouncefield)

The poem moved me so much, that I decided to go and film something, which could go with it. In my imagination it needed to be something very simple and I wondered whether it wouldn’t be great if Rachel was doing the voiceover instead of me. When Rachel finally came down to Cornwall to explore our Cheese & Pickle project further, we edited, what I had filmed together and Rachel whispered the voiceover. And I simply love the outcome! Haunting I believe!

Wouldn’t it be great now, if someone watched the video and felt inspired to respond to it with another creation. I would love that!
For me this is certainly an example of being in the flow and allowing the process to unfold. Rachel and I had many more moments like this in our week together, exploring Cheese & Pickle, being in the moment and focusing on having fun with it all. I will share all our discoveries and inspirations in further articles. But this certainly has been the kick off ripple effect!

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