The rainbow dragon, who looked like a dragon fly

The landscape looked bleak, black and burned. Rotten tree trunks everywhere and the soil was pitch black. Nothing else to see. I started to walk through this barren land.
Bleak, black and burned.
After a very long time, I came to a place that looked somehow different.
I saw something green. Something tiny working its way through the pitch black soil. It grew so fast. In front of my eyes a beautiful, wonderfully fragrant magenta rose formed. I sat down and watched, since there was nothing else to do.
Three days passed. Then the rose started to talk:
“I need water. If I don’t get water I will die. Help me.”
IMG_5248 My heart started to ache, because I knew there was no water.
All the same I said:
“I will go and search for water. Don’t give up. Please wait for me.”
The rose smiled with her fragrant sweetness and I bit farewell.
I wandered about until I arrived at an edge. I couldn’t see anything else but the sun.
So I asked the sun:
“Dear sun, can you help me? I need to find water for the rose. Otherwise she will die. Do you know where I can find water?”
The sun answered in a beautiful sun chant:
“My child, you won’t find water here. You need to go to the waters of joy, the waters of life. They reside in the rainbow waterfall. But beware the rainbow-waterfall is guarded by the rainbow dragon, who looks like a dragon fly.”
“Dear sun, please tell me. How do I find the the rainbow waterfall? And how do I get the rainbow dragon to give me some water?”
“The rainbow dragon, who looks like a dragon fly, doesn’t give water at any rate. The waters, where all the rainbows come from are holy waters. He gives it to those, who reveal their heart, who gift him with their whole being. My dear, I am tired now and I need to rest. Farewell and good luck.”
The sun left me and I walked over to the other edge and prayed to the rainbow dragon, who looked like a dragon fly. I pleaded with him to come and rescue my rose. I cried out loud for help. But nothing happened. I sat on the edge for three days and three nights. The rainbow dragon did not come.
Finally I got up. I knew I had to travel back to the rose. Was she still alive?
I slowly found my way back to the rose. She was barely alive. Her outer pedals had turned brown. The leafs had dried out. Her fragrance had diminished to a very faint smell.
With melancholy in my heart I said:
“My dear rose the rainbow dragon won’t come. He could have saved you.”
The rose was to weak to answer.

Deep sadness overcame me. A sadness I never had experienced before. My heart cracked open into a thousand pieces.
There was nothing I could do. Nothing to lose and nothing to win.

All of a sudden, the black ash, which had been in the broken pieces of my heart, fell off and back into the pitch black soil. This went on until there was nothing left but a thousand heart-rainbow-drops.
Out of thin air, the rainbow dragon, who looked like a dragon fly, appeared:
“Oh dear, it took you a long time. What have you been waiting for?”

IMG_5255 I was to weak to answer and the rainbow dragon said:
“Well, well. All is fine know.”
He gently lifted me up on his back. We rose in the skies and we flew directly to the rainbow waterfall.
What a sight! Words can not describe the beauty and majesty of the rainbow waterfall.
I jumped straight into the waters of life. My thousand fragmented heart-rainbow-drops flowed back together into a beautiful rainbow heart. I was coated in rainbow colored joy.
Suddenly the rose came back to my mind. How could I forget? I turned to the rainbow dragon:
“How do we get the water to the rose? She is dying!”
The rainbow dragon answered:
“You don’t need to worry. The rose received the waters of life at the same time as you have. This is my special gift!”
“How is it possible?” I asked.
And he answered: “The rose is your soul.”
With these words he lifted me up on his back and flew me back to the place I had come from. But the place I had come from, had changed. The formerly pitch black soil was covered with tender green fluff.
I quickly ran over to the rose to see how she was doing.
She had grown double in size and was more beautiful than ever. Her fragrance was so enchanting!
She still kept growing in front of my eyes.
And the rose said:
“Thank you!”

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