The moon has fallen

The moon has fallen. In winter, the shadows are guiding.  They are not following in people’s footsteps anymore. Darkness is releasing them.

Finally she is doing it. Putting action to long harbored thoughts.  She has entrusted the lonely night with her secret.


‘Sleeplessness is pounding at me like a howling storm,

Not wanting to ease off.

Every night, it joins me in my  bed.

I toss and turn, trying to escape the pain,

Like merciless fire it runs through my veins.

Desperation is a baby, crying ceaselessly into my ears.

I am standing at the edge of the abyss,

Facing past sorrows, leaking into the now.

I want to die to this life,

Let me have a new one.


In her own sweat she wakes up. It is dark. The night holds all secrets. Hers is well kept. The thought soothes her. She gets up. Tonight she’ll do it, finally. The door is half open. She steps out into the cold winter air. Her bare soles, touching the frozen snow.


I know the story could go further, but for the time being I am choosing to end it here. It is sometimes really difficult to decide how far to take a story. When a lot is left open, I feel the mystery stays alive. On the other hand I kind of would like to know: ‘What happens next ?’

What are your thoughts, would you have liked the story to continue? Did you have specific imagery in your head?

Please leave a comment!

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Andy Bilewycz
Andy Bilewycz
6 years ago

That is a wonderful passage for the beginning of a book, Anja… Very intriguing… I’ve been working on a supernatural story for a great many years (it just doesn’t get anywhere: blame the would-be author) and this is such an open-door for such a story…but then it also suggests the travails that which we live with in *this* world… Good stuff…

Andy Bilewycz
Andy Bilewycz
6 years ago
Reply to  Anja

It might be a case of how far you’d wish to push Magical Realism? I’m boring. I don’t like “Reality” per se, even when looked at from a mythopoetic point-of-view. My reading demands escapism and mystery, but that’s my bent. But, then, maybe there’s more to magical realism than I’m aware of…? Every story is a new adventure, eh?

Paul Croft
Paul Croft
6 years ago

Billie Joe McAllister in “Ode To Billie Joe” was great because it promoted question rather than simply giving answers.

Songs, poems and stories which leave the reader/listener to imagine multiple possibilities are more interesting – even though sometimes frustrating – in my view. After all, that’s exactly what real life does.


Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
6 years ago

Yes – of course she seems desperate, but why?