The magic fairy flute

Out of thin air a casket appeared and eased itself into my open hands. The casket was full with the most beautiful, elaborate ornaments. Not only that, but it also had the most enchanting smell. It reminded me of a rose and sandalwood mixture. I couldn’t help but open it immediately.
Inside there was a golden flute and it was whispering to me:
“Pick me up, please! Play me, I want to be played.”
I never played the flute before, but I obeyed nevertheless. If a flute talks to you, you better do what it tells you, so were my thoughts.
The moment my mouth touched the flute, it seemed to play itself and I could hear the most wonderful magic music I had ever heard.
Not only that, but each single tone, which escaped the flute was actually a fairy.
The room was filling up with tone fairies. They had all different colors and they were dancing and humming in the air. I’ve never seen such a beautiful thing before.
I wish you would have been here!

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