The lost mouse in the heating

IMG_5437There was a mouse living in an abandoned heating in an empty house, left to its own devices, slowly decaying. She lived in the heating by accident, meaning she didn’t find the exit anymore. When she had discovered the heating, this is a while ago now, she had been curious and thought it was exciting, because it looked like a rather fascinating labyrinth.
And this is exactly what it was, a labyrinth!
And after her first enthusiasm faded a bit, confusion took slowly over until the mouse couldn’t tell where for heaven’s sake the exit could be!
The hours she continued searching, turned into days and eventually into weeks. That’s why it is appropriate to say that the mouse was living in the abandoned heating.
It is very surprising that the mouse survived, after all she had nothing to eat. The mouse had found out, that if she imagined a piece of cheese and imagined precisely how she would eat it and how it would taste and how it would make it’s way through her stomach and intestines, it was as filling and satisfying as if she would have eaten a real piece of cheese. Funnily enough she even had to go to the toilet! Of course she had chosen a far away corner, from the bit where she lived in.
The mouse didn’t really understand why it worked, but she also didn’t care, as long as she wasn’t starving to death.

One day the mouse thought, what if she used the heating as some sort of resonating cavity, like a drum or so. She thought that maybe someone would hear her and come and rescue her. By now she had given up on finding the exit on her own.
This is how the lost mouse in the heating started to create the most incredible music. She drummed, she sang, she produced all sorts of sounds and what not else. It was quite a peculiar music, as if it was coming from other spheres altogether. It didn’t sound like a mouse was producing this music, but rather like a full grown, virtuous orchestra.
The mouse had completely forgotten, why she originally had started to play music. She enjoyed it so much, that she couldn’t get enough of it. She played day in day out and she got better and better and created more fantastic music then ever.
Of course this couldn’t go on unnoticed forever and the people in the neighborhood started to hear the music coming from the empty, decaying house.
One day the neighbors decided to go together to the house and to have a look what was going on. They were too scared to go on their own. They ended up, standing in front of the sounding heating with a very surprised look on their faces. Surely this hadn’t been what they had anticipated.
But they were so smitten with amazement, that they only could stand in front of the sounding heating and listen to this extraordinary other wordily music. Finally the mouse took a break and the people erupted into frenetic applause. The mouse got a mighty fright, when she heard the unexpected applause from the outside, then she leaped for joy and ran straight for the exit to take several bows in front of the astonished audience, who had expected anything but a mouse.
Thanks to the applause, the mouse with her very fine tuned ears, had been able to locate the exit immediately! But now the mouse was so crazy about music that she decided to return back into the heating. The neighbors promised to come back and to applaud, so that she could find the exit again.
They kept their promise and even brought some real cheese for the mouse. What a feast that was for the mouse, one only can imagine!
The news about the miraculous mouse playing incredible music inside a heating in an empty house, spread wide and fast. Many people came to hear the mouse play and soon the house could not hold all the people who wanted to see and hear her. She got booked into big halls to play concerts in. She even played in the Royal Albert Hall in London. The lost mouse in the heating got so famous, that she eventually started touring the world, making many people happy, listening to this otherworldly music. Thanks to the applause at the end of each concert, she always found the exit again. She got an abundance of cheese, any mouse could only wish for and stayed in five star hotels. She had become a real celebrity and she enjoyed every bit of it!

Other mice tried to imitate the lost mouse in the heating and they lost themselves in abandoned heatings. Many died in this fashion, because they weren’t able to produce music and they couldn’t find the exit anymore. Apparently it doesn’t work to get lost in a thing, which has not been meant for that person or in this case for the mouse.

The lost mouse in the heating on the other hand is still giving concerts and if she ever happens to come in your area, make sure to go and see her. Book the tickets well ahead of time, because all her concerts are always sold out.

The music is really most incredible and everyone should have heard the lost mouse in the heating at least once in their lifetime. It’s a miracle, indeed!

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8 years ago

this is a fabulous story Anja! I can see it in book form….one day I shall read it to my granddaughter. xxx

Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
8 years ago

Very nice story and I hope you have a great New Year!