Three reasons, that make you dare to book a free creative-coaching-session with me and no one else!


Honestly, I think you’d be out of your mind not taking me up on my offer to give you a free, full ‘creative coaching session’ via Skype! Why would you want to miss a once in a life time chance like that!

Seriously? You want to know why you should choose me among all the crowd of coaches available on the planet? It’s nothing personal. You’re  just being polemic about the overcrowded market of life-coaching. You need some convincing arguments to choose me rather than another.

Okay. So, here is why you should choose me above all the others!

  1. When it comes to coaching, I have a secret trump in my hand. ‘I won’t coach you the way you expect me to.’ One of my biggest immediate successes within my coaching career has been, enabling Horst to get his dream job. For a long time he had been desperately hunting for any job at all. When Horst came to me, he nearly had given up on the whole thing, feeling hopeless. He didn’t understand, why his efforts so far hadn’t worked. Despite his flawless resume and his various attempts to consult different experts on the matter, he never got beyond the first interview. For some peculiar reason, nothing seemed to work! Luckily, things miraculously turned around for him, after he had come to see me. Because of Horst implementing rigorously all my suggestions, he finally got his dream job! Bang! ‘The interesting thing is, that I believe Horst trusted me, because I wasn’t doing, what he had asked me to do, like all the other ones he had worked with before, but instead focused on what I felt he needed right here right now in the moment he was actually with me.’ (An extract of my blog ‘How when I said No, my client landed his dream job’) I use my magic secret sauce constantly; Spontaneity and an excellent intuition!
  2. Guess what, I didn’t just wake up one morning and thought: ‘Oh, let’s add coaching to the palette. It’s something I can earn money with. I am sure I can find someone stupid enough to buy from me.’ No! This might be a surprise to you, but amongst my passion for improvisation, creativity and performance, psychology has always been an immense interest to me. In fact, I didn’t only train in acting, I also studied social work. Yes, I have a degree in social work! When I’m not writing, performing or doing something else creative, I read the newest book on ‘Self-Compassion’ by Kristin Neff or do an online course with shame researcher Brené Brown about ‘How to dare greatly in your life’.  If you are still doubting my expertise, than let me tell you, that in addition, I also completed an actual coaching training with Martin Sage. I have been coaching people for more than a decade now. Yes, that’s right, it’s been a while! I believe that my extensive training in acting, psychology and improvisation, make me the unique coach I am.
  3. I passionately believe in uncovering people’s inner magic, by helping them leave their ‘comfort zone’ behind, trying something new.  Let me quote Mark, who commented on my post about Horst the following: ‘Its the first rule of growth, we all have our safety limit or our boundary we are comfortable in. The only way to experience anything new is to step out of the safety zone, stretch you boundary and move into that uncomfortable zone, and then just hang there….eventually that becomes your new boundary, your new safe zone. Some people are happy never to leave that cocoon, but others have to and this is the only way. Well done Anja. You are indeed breaking down walls of growth through creativity.’

You’re still not sure?

Why don’t you just take me up on my offer and claim your free coaching session via Skype? I guarantee you, it won’t be a waste of your time. I’ll make sure you come out with at least one valuable new insight, uncovering your inner magic!

Head over to my ‘Be  creative’ page, read a few more testimonials, and drop me a message to book your free coaching via Skype!

Don’t wait any longer, do it now!

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