Speaking with inspiring, everyday people: Jordan Jackson

Jordan Jackson

‘I am still behind the camera!’ Jordan Jackson

I got to know Jordan Jackson about six years ago, when we were rehearsing ‘How desperate can it get’ in the Arts Club in St. Ives. Jordan kindly agreed to do the tech for us. He even accompanied us on our crazy trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I tell you, we couldn’t have it done without him and it was great fun, having him around.

Jordan and me also collaborated on Rage a 2.34 min video, we developed together all those years ago in 2011.

When Jordan started sharing his photos on Facebook, I was in awe of his work and I wondered how he discovered his passion.

I feel very honoured, that Jordan sat down with me at the beginning of this year, telling me about his own unique journey.

I hope you find our chat as inspiring and insightful as I do! The interview is 46:09 min. long and every minute is so worth it! Enjoy!

Here’s a rough outline of my interview with Jordan Jackson:

  • 2:16 min. Jordan talks about being behind the camera, instead of being in front
  • 3:23 min. About choosing purposefully photography
  • 6:40 min. Jordan’s love for landscape photography
  • 7:54 min. What project Jordan is working on
  • 11:06 min. How Jordan found the courage to buy his camera
  • 15:00 min. On the importance of not taking it too seriously
  • 17:24 min. About the choice to not make photography Jordan’s main income
  • 22:46 min. What Jordan does, when he has lost his mojo
  • 26.35 min. The importance of giving yourself a break
  • 29:26 min. On having a decent support network
  • 35:09 min. Jordan’s trip to Iceland
  • 39:21 min. If you find your style, do you have to stick with it?
  • 42:55 min. Get out and try as many things as possible
  • 44:09 min. Perspective requires distance!

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