Speaking with inspiring, everyday people: Evelyn Holloway

Evelyn Holloway

‘He looks at me as if he sees all I was and all I’ll ever be’ Evelyn Holloway

Here in St. Ives is a weekly event called Frug, where poets, musicians, performers etc. can come and show what they’ve got.

This is how I got to know Evelyn Holloway, who’s a poet. Originally from Vienna, she lives half of the year in her home city and half of the year in lovely St. Ives.

She has written the book Schattenlichter/Shadowlights, containing her poems in both languages, English as well as German.

The poem ‘Meeting’, which Evelyn reads out after our interview  has ended, talks about her incredible encounter with Samuel Beckett! It can be found in her book as well.

You can get Shadowlights/Schattenlichter on Amazon, or if you live locally, in the bookshop ‘The Edge of the World’ in Penzance.

Evelyn Holloway is not only working on a very intriguing new project, but also has many interesting stories to tell.

So, why don’t you take some time out, relax and hear what Evelyn has to say. The interview is 50:30 min. long. Enjoy!

Here’s a rough outline of my interview with Evelyn Holloway:

  • 2:28 min. How Evelyn Holloway found her way into writing
  • 2:50 min. The editor of a magazine publishes three poems, when she is only 15 years old
  • 3:00 min. Evelyn’s love of literature, Kafka, Beckett etc.
  • 5:49 min. About writing in English
  • 6:11 min. On meeting Samuel Beckett himself and the immense influence he had on her
  • 8:50 min. She talks about Becket’s personality
  • 10:54 min. How difficult it was to think of herself as a poet
  • 11:10 min. What performing to a live audience means to Evelyn
  • 13:06 min. On hearing Beckett’s voice in her head, when not writing
  • 14:19 min. The importance of letting go and doing something different for a while
  • 20:32 min. There are times, when there is nothing to be said
  • 25:22 min. About her book ‘Shadowlights’
  • 26:27 min. How Evelyn Holloway’s current project she is working on, has come about
  • 32:28 min. The dear relationship to her aunt and Evelyn interviewing her
  • 33:56 min. Writing a story rather than a poem is a new challenge
  • 39:00 min. On how to find your passion
  • 40:09 min. Find something, where you can use who you are
  • 46:05 min. Evelyn Holloway is reading the poem ‘Meeting’

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