Six things you don’t need to know about me!

For many reasons Monday, December 1, was one of my magic days. The kind of magic I love and thrive on. Seriously, I felt like an Alice in Wonderland, walking through bizarre as well as exhilarating landscapes the day presented to me.

It all got kicked off with an annoyance I needed to escape from. In Alice language, the rabbit called and I followed without hesitation.
It’s what you do, when you’re wired like I am. And now, this very moment, I feel the urge to tell you six things you don’t need to know about me!


First, I hate building sites!

In case you didn’t know, we live in St. Ives at the moment, that is my flatmate Katie and me. Unfortunately the house next to us is being dismantled and renovated. Apparently nothing has been done for the past twenty years. So you can imagine the mess!
I hate, hate, hate building sites, especially when they are next door. The drilling, the endless hammering. It drives me up the walls and I can’t concentrate. How some people even don’t mind, I don’t understand. Honestly! Our neighbor’s building site noise takes me back to the time when I still lived in Hamburg and had to deal with a huge building site opposite my flat. They kept at it for two years. It’s a long time I tell you, especially when you work mainly from home. The thing was, when I tried to escape to a quiet café you could bet that there was all of a sudden a building site next to it as well.The whole quarter was being done up.
When they finally finished, I moved to Cornwall. In retrospect I probably should have gone sooner.
The bizarre thing is it’s always the same pattern in cities, isn’t it! Artists live in a part no one else wants to live in, because it seems run down and the rents are very low. After a couple of years the area thrives due to all the creativity and all of a sudden everyone wants to live there. The artists move on, because they can’t afford the rents anymore. I think this has been happening to the quarter in Hamburg I used to live in before I moved to Cornwall. It is a joke really! Why not reserve some houses for the artists rent free? Just an idea!

Back to yesterday, when all the drilling started I couldn’t bare the thought to stay in the house. I am still traumatized by the two year ongoing building site in Hamburg. That’s why we needed to escape, even though we didn’t quite know where to. But the rabbit had called!

Second, bring on the weird venues!

Don’t you think, that it is very easy to always go to the same places? The close and easy ones? But yesterday I didn’t feel like it. For some bizarre reason Heartlands, which is close to Redruth, popped into my mind. We decided to head in this direction. I even find it difficult to describe this place. It is located in a sort of industrial area and has been formerly a mine. Now there is a café. Heartlands provides a conference building, artist’s studios, a few shops and they run free exhibitions. To be honest I am not quite sure, whether I even like the place. Each time I have been to Heartlands, the venue felt weird, sort of deserted and haunted at the same time. I have to admit it’s the very same weirdness, which I find for some bizarre reason attractive.
Yesterday at Heartlands we stumbled into their free exhibition on the history of mining in Cornwall. It is beautifully done and I am so glad we ended up going to Heartlands. If you live in the area you must go and see it, while it’s still running!

Third, I love to stumble across things!

The absolute highlight within this exhibition was a twelve minute long documentary film about the mining history in Cornwall projected on to three walls at the same time. I tell you, this film is an absolute work of art. I was blown away! What an experience! If I would have gone intentionally to that exhibition I probably still would have loved it, but I don’t think I would have felt the same exhilaration. This sort of exhilaration I only feel when I stumble across something unexpected, which turns out to be an absolute gem!
The room, the film had been shown in, was completely empty and there was a special feel to it. I would love to take this room and turn it into a theatre. Perfect!
This film was done beautifully and because it was projected on to three walls at the same time, you felt like being part of the experience.
When I discover inspiring art like this, I could rave about it until dawn breaks. I just want to keep on stumbling across exciting stuff!

Fourth, I know the hedgehog-fly-vamp has emigrated to Cornwall!

When you walk the coastal path on the cliffs by the beach of Porthtowan, you can see a cave carved in the cliffs with two pillars in front. You might wonder, who or what lives in there. Fortunately I know. It is the hedgehog-fly-vamp, which has emigrated from Rumania to Cornwall. It accidentally laughed at the Dracula, who drunk the wrong blood and therefore all of a sudden had the voice of a mouse. It was bad luck for the hedgehog-fly-vamp, he had to leave! I think it is worth while knowing a little more about this peculiar creature, who can fly and suck blood. Living in Cornwall he has specialized on seagulls. But unfortunately he is too slow to catch them. Therefore he has to steal blood oranges out of people’s bags and bring them back to his annoying wife, who doesn’t know any other way to exist, but to moan about everything.
If you want to know more just ask and I will elaborate on the case of the hedgehog-fly-vamp.
In the meanwhile, if you want to see for yourself, go to Porthtowan beach, have a coffee in the Blue Bar and walk up the cliffs on the right. The cave is just before you come to a wooden bench, which is so high that you can dangle with your feet like a child.
If you go, please let me know whether you saw the hedgehog-fly-vamp and what you made of it.

Fifth, chance encounters are magic to me!

When Katie and me walked on the cliffs yesterday, we didn’t just encounter the cave of the hedgehog-fly-vamp, but also Michael, a fellow artist and friend, who promptly invited us for a cup of tea in his lovely house. I hadn’t seen him for at least over a year. I was so happy to catch up with him and also to get to know his lovely french friend, who was visiting. Some things just can’t be planned and they work out by themselves. I only need to be at the right time in the right place.
Katie and me hadn’t been in Portthowan for a very long time and Michael just told us, that he had been for nearly six weeks in London. Yesterday had been his first walk on the cliffs in a long while.
What are the chances! Isn’t it amazing? To me it feels like pure magic.

Sixth, doing silly and off the wall things comes with my territory!

You know why I love the theatre and improvisation so much? Because I can do whatever I want to do and no one is going to call the police and throw my into a psychiatry. Everybody knows I am performing. It’s okay. The stage is a sacred place, where the usual rules are invalid. Finally I can express myself and if I want to slurp and gargle the tea during my improvisation, like I did yesterday, I do so. It is silly, fun and transports me right back into childhood. When these behaviors still were allowed, even though not appreciated.
I can’t imagine to stop improvising and performing. I would kill me eventually. I would have to behave appropriately at all times and this is just too much to be asked! Really!

Yesterday was my perfect day. Nothing was planned and everything happened. If it was up to me, I’d spend the majority of my days like this. It just seems so much more enjoyable to me.
I’ve never been a big fan of plans, even though they seem necessary at times.
Seriously, I find it utterly boring, when everything is already set and fixated!
Where is the adventure? You’ll probably never see me book a coach tour or a cruise.
It’s just not for me! What about you?


      1. First, I liked the picture very much, mostly because I like black and yellow.

        Second, it provided good insight, for me, in how you’re wired, not that we haven’t discussed it before it just came out better as you described the 6 things.

        My favorites were 1 what you don’t and I think it’s a great idea to have a colony of artists living near me there would be a lot of benefits for the area by coaxing them with some reasonable rents. The next one I enjoyed was 4 the walk along the cliffs and I’d like to see a picture of hedgehog-fly-vamp to see the what it looks like in reality vs. what I conjured up in my head for a story.

        Hope that helps provide you some insight.

        1. Yes Kevin that was very insightful. Thanks. I have taken a picture of the hetchehog-fly-vamp and I’ll most probably post it tomorrow together with the story.
          The photo of the six has been taken in Nuremberg, when I walked through the “Pegnitzgrund” close to where my mom lives. 🙂

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