CASSANDRA on DVD includes, apart from the 10 min. shortfilm Cassandra, additional material such as, interviews, cut outs and the sketch version of Cassandra, worth 80 min.viewing in total. 10 Pounds + postage.


“Great performance and beautiful cornish landscape” K.M.

“Dreamy and beautiful!” G.

“Inspiring work. Expressive. I like the part where the greater self talks to the ego.” C.R.

“It’s painful to watch Cassandra as the business woman, so hard, so controlled, so hurrying. And than the opening to the wind, the elements, the land. My favorite moments – the end – Cassandra in such soul radiance and beauty, awakened to the seer, the knowing one.” P.G.

“I feel that it is the best art film that I have seen in years. Cassandra reminded me of all those wonderful 1950,s and 60’s art films that came over from France.” Mounts Bay Contemporary, Anthony Hepworth-Nicholson