Realization or use your whole body not just your face

Realization or use your whole body not just your face

I love working with cloth, because there is so much you can do. It’s like a mask, transforming the performer into something bigger than him-/herself. The face isn’t important anymore and you have to find other means of expression.

Shapes and working with the elements become more important. Like the wind, that so beautifully animates the cloth in this film, the third part of our transformation series.

I have always been fascinated with masks. That’s why I probably loved Lecoq’s training so much. Because we worked a lot with all kinds of masks (neutral, expressive, etc.) as well as building our own.

They teach you to listen to your instinct, since when you betray the mask’s essence, everybody can see it. For example, if it has an angry expression, you can’t just play it nice.

Masks also teach you to use your whole body as an instrument and not only your face and voice.

To me it feels like this:

‘When there’s no face or voice to express yourself with, you’re stripped to the core of your own essence. All social pretences fall away like an old worn out cloak.’

It’s the paradox, which is so mesmerizing:

‘By concealing yourself, you become more of yourself.’

Even though I love words, I find huge freedom in communicating without language. I feel like I don’t have to pretend anymore, I just can be. Maybe that’s why I love dance and physical expression so much.

For the third installment of our transformation series we drove to Men-An-Tol, a celtic formation of standing stones in Penwith Cornwall.

It was a beautiful, windy day and we had some friends, helping us with the animation of the cloth.

For me it was all about finding interesting things to do. Finding shapes that would be intriguing.

After all, realization is the most lighthearted one of the trilogy series. Standing for the end of the tunnel, when you can see the light. When you emerge from the cocoon and feel the lightness of a new way of being.

Finally for once more the face emerges and the anonymity is lost.

Dancing with the stones and the wind was a real joy. I love the airy and graceful quality of this film.  The relief I feel, when the woman is emerging from the cloth.






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