Rage or you want me to be nice

Rage or you want me to be nice

‘Can you not see the way they look at you. Can you not see the way they look at you. They despise you. They hate you and everything you stand for.’ (Jordan Jackson)

‘Rage, pumping in my veins. Ready to burst out, like a vulcano. Won’t hold back anymore.’ (Anja Kersten)

Rage or you want me to be nice

When Jordan read the part he had written about ‘Rage’, I was shocked how spot on it was. It fitted my text perfectly.

You need to know, we both wrote our pieces without knowing what the other would do. I thought it was thrilling to go about it this way, rather than discussing what we both would write. The danger would have been, that we might have become defensive, trying to tell the other person what they should write about.

When it comes to creating, I am a big believer in allowing things to happen by themselves, instead of conceptualizing everything.

I am convinced, when you trust your own instincts,  everything magically falls into place.

This is what I ask myself:

‘Would we have come up with something as chilling, if we had planned it meticulously?’

Rage or you want me to be nice

Maybe, maybe not. Fact is, I like to be surprised by myself, as well as others. This was absolutely the case, when I collaborated with Jordan on our piece ‘Rage’. We submitted it for an exhibition in the Art’s Club St. Ives.

Invite an unknown quantity to be part of your creation and you’ll discover something new, something you didn’t know before.

Rage or you want me to be nice

Rage and anger are subjects, that always have intrigued me.

Maybe, because I am someone, who’s carrying around their own fair share of suppressed anger. It is quite a relief to use this energy and do something creative with it, instead of letting it fester on inside, feeling powerless.

I think as a society we never have learned how to deal with anger appropriately. We either leash out, or we just ignore our mounting frustration with others and become depressed. Both responses are very unhealthy and destructive.

There must be another way!

Rage or you want me to be nice

This piece deals with the seductive force of rage as well as the emotional pain we inflict on others by  using criticism, prejudice and harsh judgement.

I love the surreal quality of the film. We actually were surrounded by mists that day, which made it perfect for our purposes.

Pondering about the subject of rage and injustice, I feel like doing something more with it again, using our piece as a jump off point maybe.

 What would I do? No idea, I’ll have to think on that one.

If I asked you to do a piece about rage, what would you come up with?  I am curious.





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