Pimpanelli Broccolini’s curse

When it comes to our features and talents we don’t seem to have a lot of choice. Call it fate or something else, it definitely has been set long before we even entered this world.

Our unique expression can be viewed either as a gift or a curse. This is what the following story is essentially about. Meet my second character Pimpanelli Broccolini.

Pimpanelli Broccolini 1
‘No one could ignore Pimpanelli Broccolini’s big black button-eyes. Every single person, who looked straight into her eyes couldn’t help but feel hypnotized, finding themselves to be the main character of Alice in Wonderland, stumbling about in a world which was utterly unnerving and totally unknown to them.
Even the most realistic and pragmatic human being couldn’t help but fall under her spell. Some folks got so scared that they blamed Pimpanelli for practicing black magic. Those people would try to get away from her as fast as possible, spitting in front of her feet as a sign of their contempt. Others would come and stare into her eyes longer than was appropriate, hoping to find the answers to their desperate prayers.

Pimpanelli had turned 16 years only a month ago. Since she was part of a prestigious circus dynasty, all her ancestors had been circus artists, she didn’t have to go to school. Most of the time she was on the road with her family, traveling many countries and cities.

Her parents had specialized in performing a dangerous balance act. When Pimpanelli had been three years of age, they had tried to introduce their one and only child to their art. Eventually her parents gave up on her. She wasn’t only far too dreamy for such a dangerous act, but even more importantly everyone who tried to work with her found themselves immediately hypnotized, loosing balance as a consequence.

No, this was certainly not a laughing matter!

Being part of a circus dynasty everyone has to do their part. Finally it had been decided to make Pimpanelli one of the circus clowns, stumbling about like a fool, never being allowed to look straight into the audience’s eyes.

The blossoming teenage girl had only very few friends. One could say she lived a lonely life. Pimpanelli felt the circus animals were the best company she could hope for, drowning her sorrows in their coat. At least they didn’t seem to mind her peculiar eyes. On the contrary, the
animals loved to gaze into them, calming down immediately.

Why couldn’t she be normal? Why couldn’t she be like all the other ones?

She had been born with a curse, Pimpanelli was sure. Pimpanelli longed to be more like her parents, performing dangerous balance acts in front of hundreds of people. But she wasn’t.
Would she ever find someone, who would be willing to love her? Or would he be too disturbed, once he had gazed into her eyes, loosing control over who he wanted to be? But how was it possible to fall in love with each other if you didn’t look deeply into each others eyes? It was impossible!

She knew that Lourdes, where all the miraculous healing happened was her only chance for future happiness. She could be healed from this curse, making her life so unbearable.

Unfortunately her family never travelled to France, because of animosities with another ancient circus dynasty residing mainly in France. If Pimpanelli really wanted to go, she had to do it on her own, which meant she would have to leave everything she had known all of her life behind. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all. Why not wait until she turned 18 and then make a decision.

Should she really leave in the middle of the night and make her way all on her own to Lourdes? In her sleepless nights Pimpanelli was pondering exactly these burning questions, leaving her in a state of utter dismay and confusion. The matter was too serious to be even considered further and still she couldn’t help but continue asking.’

Obviously the story can take many turns from here on. She might even find out, that within the curse is a hidden gift!
How would you cope if you were Pimpanelli Broccolini? What do you think happens next in the story?

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7 years ago

Brilliant, on so many levels! Well done Anja. This character is compelling and I want to know more.

Edward Chapman
Edward Chapman
7 years ago

I marvel at where your ideas come from Anja, so many possible ways this story could go. For me it would involve animals as Pimpanelli has a calming effect on them.