Our journey from “How desperate can it get” to “Cheese & Pickle”

Last year I have mainly been busy with filming “I’m not having anymore of that shit!” which is still not finished yet.
This year our new exciting theatre project “Cheese & Pickle” is in the making.

Rachel and me have decided to revive our characters Cassandra & Hecabe from our last show “How desperate can it get” and create something new with it, something more funny without losing the dark side completely.
2011 we were four women writing “How desperate can it get”, based on the four main characters of “Women of Troy” by Euripides, finally performing the show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Now we are two women taking the story of Cassandra and Hacabe, a conflict ridden mother daughter relationship, further. This time the story will be mainly told by our storytellers “Cheese & Pickle” the innocent/naive one and the passionate/sarcastic one. This show will be much more interactive than our last one ever was, involving directly the audience. We also will work with film again, but this time filming Cassandra & Hecabe scenes instead of goddess ones.

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