Moody is my world

My world is moody

Yes, my world is moody! And this series is living proof.

First I feel down, later I feel exhausted and finally inspiration hits me.

My emotions are changing like the weather. It rains a lot. Often storms arrive. Occasionally the sun peaks through. At times there are no clouds at all.

Recently I discovered Andy Kaufman, a comedian and performance artist, who unfortunately died far too young in 1984. Accidentally I came across the film ‘Man on the moon’, which is all about Andy, his art and life. Jim Carrey plays the comedian.

What fascinates me most about Andy is, that he didn’t care whether his audience approved of him.

On the contrary, he’d do things on purpose like reading the whole Great Gatsby, challenging the wits out of the people, who came to see him. Wearing them out, boring them. While all they wanted him to do, is to play their beloved character Latka from the Taxi series. But Andy didn’t give in.

Kaufman wasn’t interested in pleasing the audience He wanted to evoke strong emotions. He wanted people to react, being like a magician where you never knew what was real.

Don’t worry I am not saying I intentionally  want to bore you with my episodes.

But you might be. It’s a risk. Which it probably always is, when you don’t have a fast paced film with a lot happening all at the same time. As consumers, we so much have become used to this furious style. That it seems already a challenge to watch an old movie with longer shots and fewer cuts.

If anything, l like Andy, mix the real with the imagined in this series. The border isn’t clear anymore. It’s an experiment. You get the front seat. I am me and still with each episode I am editing, I turn into a character.

Are you getting to see Anja or someone else? Maybe a bit of both…

Since I have filmed myself for  100 consecutive days and seen all the different moody faces, I doubt whether our personality is as fixed as we make it to be.

This is the fascinating journey into the world of someone, who is called Anja. Maybe you have to make an effort, bring some patience, because there is nothing much happening.

Still, I dare you! Here are the first four episodes.

Anja’s World, Episode 1

Anja’s World, Episode 2

Anja’s World, Episode 3

Anja’s World, Episode 4


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