Inside you don’t have to do a lot


Inside you don’t have to do a lot. It’s an art to reside on the inside and not constantly on the outside.

For example, to be in sink with how you feel and what you want versus what other people think of you, trying to meet their expectations constantly.

Does that ring a bell? It’s so easy to get caught up in the hassles, as well as pressures, of the outside world.

My short film ‘Inside’ is for this very reason one of my favorites. I allowed myself to be and magic unfolded.

Interestingly enough, this particular project wasn’t anticipated at all. That day, my intuition guided me for sure. To put it simple, I just was strolling around, having a short holiday on Inishmore, one of the Aran Islands in Ireland. Out of sheer luck I stumbled across a beehive, begging me to film. Luckily I had my camera with me. I set it up and started experimenting.


To be honest, I only realized how great the material was, when I viewed everything on my computer back home in Cornwall.

I couldn’t really see anything at the time, because the light was so bright. I put the camera on one of the stones and filmed. The light and the colours play a huge part in the film, being so special.

Seriously, I had a tough time editing this film. Even though it is so short. I believe ‘Inside’ has been my most challenging edit so far.

The difficulty was, that I had to search for the subject within the existing material. Rather than following a preconceived idea. Like I had done before, with my other films.

When I entered the beehive, I simply thought:

‘This is a great place and I can’t let the opportunity go by, without me doing something with this.’


Time came to a stop and I spent several hours in that tiny, confined place of the beehive.

So, I would say to you:

‘Never let a creative or any other opportunity, just pass you by.’


I so pray, I will stumble across something as inspiring as the beehive, again. Returning with something truly wonderful. Please universe, make this happen again!

As a matter of fact, ‘Inside’ is the first and only art film I made in Ireland so far. It’s not entirely true though, because we did do another little snippet called ‘Whatever’.

I visited Inishmore, because I was invited to a very special wedding in June 2012. I’ll never forget this wonderful event. Of course I was totally oblivious to the fact, that I’d move to Galway 6 years later.

The advantage is,  the chances stand good, that I can do a lot more enchanting films here in Ireland.

And now enjoy ‘Inside’.

Before I forget, ‘Inside’ has been exhibited in the Exchange Gallery in Penzance.







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