If you want to achieve your dreams, stop hunting them!

‘There comes a point in life, where it’s time to stop the frantic chase.’

Even, if you think of yourself as a race horse, they need to relax too. I’m telling you, it’s time to release this colourful dream of yours. Being a great travel writer.  Making lots of money.

Let it rest. Let it settle. Let it do its own thing.

I know it sounds counterproductive, but the consequences may be dire. If you keep on chasing, you might never find what you’re looking for. Your dream might be lost.

Let me tell you the story about Melissa’s pink elephant. You’ll see what I mean.

One night, Melissa dreamt about a beautiful pink elephant named Rollo. The dream was so vivid, as if she already had met this phantastic and enchanting creature. Melissa was filled with great peace and purpose, when she woke up. From that moment on, she had only one wish and one wish only. It was all consuming. She thought:

‘I have to find the pink elephant. I need to find the pink elephant. Without it, my life doesn’t make any sense anymore.’

The following night Melissa left her parent’s home and didn’t look back once. She wandered through the big, wide world to find Rollo. Melissa walked through at least ten pairs of walking boots. If not even more. Her skin was sun tanned. Her blonde hair had become wild and long, her cloths ragged. Melissa had asked countless people for directions and they either never had heard of Rollo, the pink elephant or they had sent her in the wrong places. So it seemed. Melissa caught herself thinking: ‘How many years is it now, that I am chasing after this dream? And still I can’t find him. Can’t find him.’

Nevertheless, she kept on walking, she kept on asking. She kept on walking some more and she kept on asking some more.

Finally Melissa arrived at a deserted island with nothing but a few palm trees, coconuts and endless beaches on it. She walked barefeet in the warm sand and stopped in her tracks. There, she could see it so clearly. Footprints! Not any footprints, but an elephant’s footprints.

‘That must be it. I’ve found the pink elephant after all. I’m sure!’

Excited and enfused with new energy she ran all around the island. It was very small, and shouted out loud: ‘Rollo, Rollo, can you hear me? Are you here?’

But no one answered and she couldn’t see a pink elephant anywhere. Finally Melissa arrived exactly at the same place, where she had started out. She fell down on her knees, sobbing. It was hopeless. It was over. Rollo, the pink elephant never existed. What a fool she had been, what a fool. Wasting her time like this. Waves of desperation and hopelesness washed over her, making her drown in self-pity.

All of a sudden something soft and hairy touched her neck.

„Go away, leave me alone. No one can help me. It’s too late.“ Melissa shouted.

Whatever it was, it didn’t go away, but tickled her and blew softly in her ear. Curious now, Melissa finally looked up and straight into the eyes of the most beautiful pink elephant, that’s ever walked the earth. He looked exactly like in her dream. No, he looked even more beautiful.

Melissa threw her arms around Rollo’s neck and exclaimed with tears of joy:

‘Rollo, oh Rollo. Where have you been? I have been looking for you all over the world. Oh Rollo, my dear lovely Rollo, why have you made it so difficult for me? Why have you come only now, that I wanted to give up on you altogether?’

Rollo gave her a big smile and teased her with his trunk.

„Oh Melissa, my sweet girl I coudn’t keep up with you. This was the only and first time that you stopped. Finally I could catch up with you. I’m still out of breath.“

This is how Melissa finally found the pink elephant, by stopping.

I really love this story. It’s heartening, don’t you think?

A lecturer told it, when I was studying Social Work in Hildesheim, many years ago.

The core of the story in my opinion so applies to our lives. We all have our own very special, pink elephant. Even if we aren’t aware of it. We may have received it in a dream at night, seeing ourselves as an actor or as an idea during the day, wanting to all of a sudden go on a horse trecking tour. In the beginning it felt magic, as if the other, unseen world had touched us and sprinkled us with fairy dust.

The pink elephant stands for our dreams, what we would like to do with our lives and who we would like to be in this world.

The main danger is, when we don’t stop chasing. While we still may be aware of our original dream, it becomes stale, like fresh milk turned sour.

We have forgotten what it actually looked like, what it really sounded like and what it truly tasted like.

Now we are running after the mere reflectin of the pink elephant. It’s shadow so to speak.

Here are some examples!

Let’s say you wanted to be an artist, being covered in yellow, blue and red paint, all day and every day. You wanted your work to be extraordinary. Now you’re lost in the shadowy remaints, hunting endlessly for fame, money and recognition.

Could it be you wanted to be a writer, but forgot to write, being lost in someone else’s words, someone else’s books? Yes, you might be surrounded by great word concoctions, but your not using your own voice. You are chasing the faint image of a writer, that isn’t you.

Maybe you dreamed of traveling the world, selling your photos you’ve made, but now you’re surviving with event and wedding photography. You see yourself rather as a craftsman. You don’t think you’re an artist.

The latest example reminds me of Arne, whom I got to know at a networking event, while still living in Germany, Hamburg. At the time, I was coaching quite a few people, mainly businessmen and self-employed artists. Arne is a photographer by trade, but also writes and makes music. When we met, he wanted to come more into his own. I felt honoured, that he decided to work with me as a coach, since he’s a great guy.

The three month long coaching process was exactly about stopping the chase. Arne had to look his own pink elephant straight in the eye. Telling Arne that he was an artist. Contrary to his own beliefs about being a craftsman only.

Arne had been blind to his own artistry, unique perspective and style, while lost in the outward chase. It wasn’t about changing Arne into someone else, but truly acknowledging who he was and above all owning it.

Of course, it doesn’t happen overnight it’s a process you embark on.

I know how easy it is to get lost in the chase and how difficult it feels to see clearly again. Boy, I’ve been there many times myself. Needing help to get back on track.

This is exactly why I developed the ‘Three Month Coaching Mastermind Special’ for you. You don’t have to find the exit of the ‘labyrinth of dream – shadows’ on your own. I’ve got your back.

I really want you to find your pink elephant and never lose it again.

Imagine how great it would be to feel infused with excitement, discovering your lost pirate treasures! Taking sail into your creative Neverland. This is where the magic happens.

Wouldn’t it be great to be walking your path hand in hand with your pink elephant, without getting lost in the chase again?

I can help you with this! I see things other don’t. It’s one of my specialities as a coach.

Here is what Arne has to say about me:

I always thought a coach would tell me to think differently about things. What Anja did with her method – she made me feel I can think differently about myself. And that changed everything! Did you ever realise, that the person you’re seeking to be, is already inside of you? Well, Anja can get you there. I hesitated to hire a coach, because every single one of them promised me the same. Anja told me we would be together in this challenge. That got me going! Thank you Anja!‘

Arne Vollstedt – www.fodis.de – Photography & Web Design

Arne and me last summer 2016 in Hamburg

That’s exactly it: ‘Did you ever realise, that the person you’re seeking to be, is already inside of you?’

Signing up for weekly coaching sessions via Skype for three months is a big deal. You need to be willing to invest your time and money. Unlike a car though, the coaching won’t lose it’s value and it will be always something you can fall back on; your own wisdom you’ve become aware off.

I offer a  free 45 min. ’Bring it on I want to know’ call, where you can get to know my working method and find out whether the program is the right fit for you.

Just email me the times you can do and I’ll set up an appointment for you. If you still would like to find more about the program and what the coaching is all about, head over to my  Be Creative site or read the following article: Three reasons, that make you dare to book a free creative-coaching-session with me and no one else!

Pink elephants are a great blessing, especially when we allow them to catch up with us. They enable us to show our true colours and share our unique voice with the world.

May you never lose sight of your own pink elephant!

And don’t forget to let it go at times! Let it rest. Let it settle.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂


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