I responded to him with this

He wrote me a song called ‘Falling In’ and I responded to him with a film, I am going to share with you for the first time ever.

Sometimes people inspire us to create something, which we didn’t anticipate making in the first place.

This is definitely the case with ‘Falling In’.

I met this brilliant musician, touring Cornwall, right after I had moved. He was the one, who contributed the music to my film Cassandra.

This man was intense, charismatic and very charming. We went on a few dates, but I soon cut it off, since I sensed there was something off about the way he was relating to me.

I responded to him with this

I remember for example, how he had invited me for dinner at his place. There was a long table and he placed me at the opposite, far end. It made me feel so uncomfortable, I even can’t begin to tell you. Spooky in a sense, like as if you were trapped in one of these castles and you had dinner at one of these tables, where you have to shout at each other because they were so long.

The whole encounter was a weird thing for me and I am very glad I didn’t take it any further.

Do you know this feeling, when you’re attracted to someone and at the same time you know deep down in your gut, if you take it further, it will destroy you?

I responded to him with this

That’s what that was and so I stopped it, while I still could. However this man has sparked a few creations of mine, including ‘Falling In’.

When he sent me his song he especially had written for me, I had a whole mix of emotions and since I needed to express them somehow, I made this film in response to him. I would have shown it earlier, but I couldn’t, since he had sold the rights for a commercial at the time.

Now, it’s such a long time ago, I think it’ll be fine. After all, he gifted me the song and it would be a great pity not to share.

I responded to him with this

Before I show you the film, I quickly would like to tell you how we made it. Caro Woods, who already worked with me on several other films, Anastasia bleeding, Abracadabra, Realization,  Cassandra and Rage, agreed to do the camera once more. We found this beautiful cave on a secluded beach, a perfect spot. I rehearsed, dancing to the song before we shot it. But in the end, we just improvised the whole thing and put the sea sequences in between. It was a hard job, editing, because the music needed to be in perfect sink with what I was doing.

Caro Woods did an absolute brilliant job with the camera. I am glad, that I finally am able to show you this piece of work!


With ‘Falling In’, I am finishing my March throwback with a big bang.

I hope you enjoyed the journey with me. Let me know, which blog posts you liked the best.


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