I bet you, you don’t know!

I bet you, you don’t know who I am talking about! Of course I’ll reveal it in the end!
Go on, have a read! I dedicate this blog to all the odd ones out!

The odd one out

“The others were brown, smooth and hefty. He was the odd one out, looking very wispy, like a colourful bird, which had gotten lost in wasteland and didn’t know his way back out. They didn’t really know what to make of him either. This is why they were gossiping behind his back; about his looks having stripes, being patterened out in different colours. Couldn’t he be like them, satisfied with one uniform colour? Didn’t he have any frugality, especially since he was such a wispy guy, who probably even wasn’t capable of carrying a very heavy person. While the others were able to carry several heavy people, at least three in one go.
One might think, that these are a bit idiotic considerations, which can’t be possibly taken seriously. But if you take into account that people in some areas of the world become more obese by the hour and that someone has to be able to carry them around, cars for example, then the whole discussion doesn’t seem as stupid anymore.
The one they gossiped about, couldn’t change who he was. He had not chosen the colours, nor the stripes. That’s what he had been born with and he thought it was very weird being blamed for something, which wasn’t down to his behavior, but for being who he actually was. No, that wasn’t quite right, he knew it, but it was too exhausting to argue with them and he still hoped that one day he might find his way back to where all the other colourful birds resided. In contrast to the others, he easily got bored with the same old story; day in and day out.
Big people ignored him, because he didn’t look as comfortable as the hefty, brown ones, in which everyone could let themselves fall into with all their might, gaining a huge sense of pleasure out of this silly little routine. Fortunately he rather attracted people who were different like himself, soothing him in a strange sort of way, giving him the feeling, that he wasn’t completely on his own, after all. He would have loved to talk with them, but he didn’t know their language and he doubted that they could speak his. Sometimes he tried to lovingly pinch them in the bum, trying to give them a cheerful sign, that he was on their side. People would jump up with a hysteric laughter letting themselves fall back into him at the same time. These little moments cheered him up and made his life bearable. The more he focused on giving the quirky people, who were choosing him over the others a good time, the happier he felt. He even didn’t feel the need to find his way out of this place anymore and he sometimes pondered, whether he had his purpose, being exactly where he was.
A colourful armchair, amongst all the other hefty, brown sofas being located in the Coastguard in Mousehole. If you are one of the odd ones out, please go and have a seat on him, he’ll love it. He is to be found on the far right hand side of the big window front, facing the sea.”

This little story came into being, because I set out to find a scenario I would find enchanting enough to describe. I love taking something mundane, giving it another meaning. That striped armchair will be always special to me. I am going to make a series of this, finding places, images, photos I can turn into something else, so stay tuned.

But most importantly, did you know who I was talking about? What ideas were floating in your head while you were still trying to figure out what I was talking about? Any other thoughts?

Please leave a comment and share!

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Edward Chapman
Edward Chapman
7 years ago

I got it quite early on. I loved the story – thank you.

Andy Bilewycz
Andy Bilewycz
7 years ago

I spent *ages* looking for your thin, stripy chair…and couldn’t find it. So I haven’t got a *clue*…