How when I said “NO”, my client landed his dream job!

IMG_6785Anja_2Daring to break old patterns and trying something new can go a long way, when it comes to reaching a goal. This is what creativity is all about, creating something new, which hasn’t existed before.

The biggest success I had during my coaching career was when Horst came to me. He only came for one session and he had a very distinct idea about how the coaching should go and what he wanted me to work on together with him. He emailed me a long specific list of “to do’s” before.
His dilemma was, that he had been without work for more than over a year. His resume wasn’t the problem. It was excellent and he always got an interview but never landed a job. He had been to hundreds of interviews by the time he came to me. Another really important interview was just coming up. It was his ideal, dream job! He had sought help with many other people, but nothing had worked for him so far.

In the session we had together I didn’t do one single thing from his to do list. I totally ignored it. Instead he got something utterly different from what he had expected. I let him improvise his pitch in only 3 sentences for over an hour.
My approach certainly took him by surprise and right out of his comfort zone of “how things get done”.
When he called me a week later, telling me that he had landed his dream job I was amazed and so happy for him! He incorporated all the quirky things I told him to practice, even though he thought it was weird, like talking to himself in the mirror and telling his mirror image, that he was wonderful and absolutely right for the job! But he did do it. He changed his usual pattern and created a new, more successful one for himself!

The interesting thing is, that I believe he trusted me, because I wasn’t doing, what he had asked me to do, like all the other ones he had worked with before, but instead focused on what I felt he needed right here right now in the moment he was actually with me.
I really believe, that as an artist as well as a coach I need to be able to let go of all of the concepts of how things should be in order to be able to create something meaningful and original. That’s why the principles of improvisation are the core of any of my practices.
When you work and create with me you most probably won’t get what you expected from me, but it’ll never be boring that’s for sure!

When in your life were you able to override one of your old habits and created something new? Did it change something for you or get you something you haven’t had before?

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7 years ago

Its the first rule of growth, we all have our safety limit or our boundary we are comfortable in. The only way to experience anything new is to step out of the safety zone, stretch you boundary and move into that uncomfortable zone, and then just hang there….eventually that becomes your new boundary, your new safe zone. Some people are happy never to leave that cocoon, but others have to and this is the only way. Well done Anja. You are indeed breaking down walls of growth through creativity.

7 years ago

Doing it differently is a great one to remember. So many of us keep doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. It cannot be. That took a leap of faith for your client, Horst and it isn’t easy. Desperation and exasperation are often driving principles in the wish to try something different. Nice one x