How to move the past into the future

how to move the past into the future

March is nearly over and I really have kept my promise, posting my past work everyday.

It’s been an interesting journey. I know, it’s not completely over yet, but let’s face it, it’s nearly over. Apart from being amazed about the sheer amount of work I’ve produced, I am also shocked about how many projects seem half finished. Stories and doodles floating in the air, that can turn into books. Not to mention the film material, which is still lying around from Frank & Kate, as well as Anja’s World.

So many ideas are bombarding me, that I am finding it hard to sometimes give past creations, that are already born, the  attention they deserve. I am like a bee flying to the next flower, forgetting about all the ones I just visited before.

I kind of had the same problem, when I was creating my past shows. I loved the process of creating them, but I wasn’t very excited anymore once they existed.

I was already thinking about the next theatre piece I could develop and so on and so on.

For me it takes much more effort to take the past and move it into the future, instead of creating something completely new. The thing is, I am getting the feeling, that I miss out on some chances, if I refuse to revive some of my older projects. Or not at least give them the chance to use them as a jump off point.

I somehow have to find a way to balance my thirst for new creations and nurturing past projects at the same time.

Also, I realize that it is important to make a decision. Because if you don’t, you have all the energy taken up by unfinished projects. So, either draw a clear line, or move the past into the future, that’s what I am thinking right now.

I have made a last episode of Anja’s World and it is different in the way it is edited. I am glad to put this project to rest now, since I am starting with my next 100 day project this Sunday.

Check out my blog post I wrote yesterday and now enjoy my last episode of Anja’s World.

Are you struggling with what to do with your unfinished projects? Let me know!





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  1. I think it’s brilliant and I admire you for always having new ideas. I struggle with that. I am writing but it’s a project I started many years ago and then my computer was stolen. So the idea is not new but of course it’s different now and I do have new ideas writing it. As far as anger is concerned I agree totally. I do listen to it but I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t get through to the people I’m angry with. I go for walks or listen to music or do whatever makes me feel better. Good luck with your next project. XX

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