Galway is my new home

Galway is my new home

So in case you didn’t know, Galway is my new home. That’s right, I recently moved.

For me, the whole thing still feels very surreal. Two months ago  I arrived in my blue VW-Golf loaded with all of my belongings.

Galway is my new home

Call me a snail-person, if you like, but I am still  floating back and forth between the world I have left behind and the one I am discovering right now.

One part of me is missing Cornwall; the beaches, my friends  and above all the comfort of knowing my way around without having to use my sat nav. The other part is excited about Galway city, being so vibrant and full of young people. Here is so much more happening and I love it. The theatre festival is just around the corner and I’ll volunteer in the hope to get to see some shows for free, as well as getting to know new people. I need to acquaint myself with the theatre scene here.

Galway is my new home

The good news is, I already have found a favourite Coffeeshop in Salthill. Everyone who knows me just a little, is aware how much I love Cafés and more importantly a proper Cappuccino! Coco is right by the sea, always busy, but I usually am lucky and still find a place. The minute I arrive, they already bring my my large cappuccino. I have trained them well. It’s the perfect place to write into my journal and let my thoughts flow freely. Writing in a café is an integral part of my wellbeing. I need to put money aside for that. I love all the busy background noise, while my mind dives into unseen worlds.

Ireland has such a different feel to England. I knew that long time ago, but it’s easy to forget somehow. With both countries being so close to one another and having the same language in common.

The landscape is rougher, wilder, not as tame and romantic as in Cornwall for example. The people are more rebellious as a folk and of course there’s music around each corner. It’s such a vibrant part of this culture. You’re never very far from a spontaneous music session happening.

Galway is my new home

On Easter for example, Isabel, a new friend of mine, and I went on a boat trip on Lough Corrib at Ashford Castle, which is an hour’s drive from Galway. So picture us sitting outside on deck and enjoying the sunshine. Suddenly a guy walks up with his guitar and starts singing all these typical Irish songs. Of course everyone, including us, sings along. It’s normal over here.

This is what happens when you’re in Ireland. Music and people, bursting spontaneously into songs are never far.

That’s what I always loved about this country. The minute a music session is happening, you feel part of a community, part of something bigger. It’s such a great feeling.

The other thing you need to know is, if you don’t learn to chill, Ireland is definitely going to be a hard place for you to live in. Everything takes more time over here and things most certainly never happen, when you want them to be. That’s guaranteed. Meetings get continously rearranged, be it personal or professional ones. You’ve got to stay flexible and it might take weeks, maybe months, I wonder, until you get to see the person you tried to arrange a coffee with.

Galway is my new home

I can tell you right here, right now, that patience is not one of my strong suits. I get disheartened, when things don’t happen. And they are definitely not right now. For us Germans it can be hard to not be like a steamroller, pushing things into gear.

I’ll never forget, when I was doing my film training in LA and Bjorn Johnson, one of our teachers, told our class that every nation had a faulty characteristic, they should watch out for, when it comes to acting. Germans like to push too much. I am afraid it doesn’t just apply to acting…

As an actor you need to be in the flow, you need to let go.

Seems like, I will be doing good, if I apply this principle to my own life as well and just relax a little more. Especially now, that I am here in Ireland.

Go to a pub, drink a cider (I don’t like beer), listen to some music and just let things unfold on their own. That’s the most appropriate thing you can do here in Galway city.

See you soon, I am off to the pub for now!




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