Fifty shades of stuck, especially for you

Fifty shades of stuck

‘Who do you think you are! You’re just a duck!’

Guess what, I am feeling stuck. That’s why I started a two minute doodle series called ‘Fifty Shades of Stuck’.

How did this come about? Simple.

When I talked to a friend of mine, I got the idea to express my frustration in drawings. Every day I am doing a two minute doodle and I publish it on Instagram. I will continue as long as I feel stuck. It might take a while …

Funnily enough, the longer I am doing this project, the more intrigued I am:

‘What does this feeling really mean to me? What language does it speak!’

Usually I push this feeling away. Now I am diving right in. Having to find a new idea for my drawings every day. It’s actually fun. Stuck isn’t that bad after all. At least when you start playing with it.

 By the way I drew the pictures mainly with my eyes closed. I find it more exciting and I worry less about the outcome.

So, lets talk about the duck above! It’s one of my favourites. The image came through an improvisation I was doing during rehearsals of the new company called ‘No ordinary theatre’, which I am part of.

Basically there was the bully, who told the other character, that she was nothing but a lame, stupid duck. It’s like the inner critique, who’s taking you all the way down and you can’t move anymore. The improvisation had a happy end by the way. The duck won! Yeah!

Fifty shades of stuck

This drawing is one of the first ones I made, when starting out with ‘Fifty shades of stuck’.

In front of my inner eye I saw a forest of stop signs, shouting red alarm signs all over me. Stop, stop, stop, stop! Everything has come to a stand still!

Fifty shades of stuck

I see someone lying in bed, like a baby. Vulnerable and helpless. And in this baby like state there is nothing much one can do.

‘A grasshopper trying to walk.’

Like the duck drawing, this one makes me laugh. I just loved the absurdity of it. Imagining a grasshopper, who desperately tries to walk, but of course has to jump, because it is who he is.

You are going against the grain. You’re trying to attempt something, which is so not you. Of course you are stuck! It’s logical, don’t you think?


Fifty shades of stuck

I like this one very much too. A person sitting in an overdimensially large dustbin. It’s like you’re in this dark place and you can’t see a path ahead of you.

To me it feels like, because you are stuck, you are part of rubbish.

Let’s face it, everybody is supposed to be in this amazing flow all the time.

Fifty shades of stuck

My doodles are simple, especially this one. To be honest, there is something I really love about this very fact. When you do something quick, the way you feel like doing it, there comes a fascinating sort of innocence with it. Give it a try!

This one is a snail, just about to completely lock itself back into its own safe shell, where no one can reach it.  And vise or versa, the snail can’t reach anyone as well.

‘That’s it, I have enough. Back into my house again. You and the rest of the world leave me alone. ‘

I am enjoying my ‘Fifty shades of stuck’ exploration and it gives me an opportunity to befriend myself with my own very uncomfortable feelings of stuckness! For once I can say:

‘Hey, maybe it’s not so bad to feel stuck after all! Maybe this has it’s own enchanting and evolving story to tell me.  And maybe for once I listen.’

I start to wonder, whether being in the flow is totally overrated!

Are you curious now? Follow me on Instagram to see all the other ‘Fifty shades of stuck’ awaiting you!




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Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
5 years ago

I always like your art. Very free and telling for those who stare into the sketches. Of course, as you know I would recommend, think about consolidating them in an art book. These are popular. Oh and copywriter them soon.

5 years ago

Ha! A grasshopper trying to walk… doesn’t it know it’s gotta Crawl first!?
(And another kind of funy stuck)

Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
5 years ago

Nice! It looks from the posts it was pretty popular.

5 years ago

I feel that with this post you started releasing the stuckment!

paul croft
paul croft
5 years ago

Hi Anja and I really love your doodles. They are a LOT better than a load of stuff I see in galleries !!

pAul xx