End the boredom with four shots of Dreamy Cappuccino


With all the self – isolation and quarantine it’s easy to get bored and feel uninspired, or am I the only one? Anyway, in case you haven’t listened to them yet, here are the latest four stories from my Dreamy Cappuccino podcast, I haven’t shared on my blog with you yet.

We have:

The transmission bench

The transmission bench offers you a great opportunity to escape all your responsibilities…

Great news, if you had enough of taking on responsibility in this life, there’s a way out. You either walk through the corridor of the thousand doors, or you find the transmission bench. I know where it is. The opportunities are endless, you can choose metal, wood or stone. Because the portal is quite old, it doesn’t do plastic. You just need to say:’I want to become a bench.’ That’s it. Find out about the endless advantages of being a bench instead of a human. The transmission bench enabler will tell you all you need to know.


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The lost mouse in the heating

A very curious mouse gets lost in an abandoned heating, not finding the exit anymore. What will she do?

There’s a very curious mouse, who walks into an old, abandoned heating, just for fun. To her dismay, she can’t find the exit anymore. It’s like an elaborate labyrinth. Time passes on with her being stuck in the same place, the heating. But the clever mouse has a brilliant idea. She decides to make music inside of the heating, so that someone can hear her and come to the rescue. Will she be saved?

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The art of backtalking

Your backtalking specialist is teaching you a lesson gossiping the sophisticated way!

Backtalking is an art, talking behind someone else’s back to be precise, gossiping, is an art! The backtalking specialist is telling you directly what you need to do to become an accomplished backtalker. There’s many advantages to learning this skill. Mainly you never have to change anything about yourself. Nevertheless you can release some stuffed down emotions without being responsible. Who wouldn’t want that…

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The highly sensitive flat

The highly sensitive flat would prefer to move to California, while her narcissistic owner ignores the problem…

There’s a highly sensitive flat, which would prefer to live in California instead of damp Cornwall, England. But her narcissistic owner isn’t interested in her needs, assuming she’s as robust as himself. When the damp patch on the ceiling grows bigger and bigger, he blames it on his tenants. Claiming, that the freshly moved in tall boyfriend is using too much oxygen. A device gets installed, measuring how much air the couple is using. When it has reached a certain limit, the alarm goes off. The question is: ‘Will there be a resolution to the problem or will the tenants have to dive with oxygen masks through their flat instead?’

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