Emilia wanted to change and Albert didn’t

Emilia wanted to change and Albert didn't

Please, don’t ask me how I got the idea to have my legs play Albert and Emilia.

I don’t know anymore. It’s too long ago. But I still love the video to be honest. It somehow creates a certain atmosphere. I first had the story of Albert and Emilia and after that I decided to make a film with it. I know it’s all absurd and abstract and that’s exactly why it’s intriguing. Well, that’s at least what I think.

I let you first read the story and then watch the video.

Here it comes. Enjoy!

‘Slowly but surely she walked ahead. The forward movement was incessant, even when hesitant at the beginning.

Proud, straightened to his full size, he observed her. Wrath lit in his eyes, but he didn’t move, he didn’t talk. He stood upright, proud and stubborn.

Emilia didn’t look back, onwards she went. Softly and incessantly, with her snail like, slow movement towards change. Yes, she was afraid, but she couldn’t stop anymore. Now, she was in the middle of it, even if it meant she had to be on her own from now on, without Albert.

Because he hadn’t moved and she couldn’t stop anymore. All of a sudden a natural speedup took place, a pressure like an arrow, which is released, to reach its target with all its mighty power, jolted her whole being and all at once she had arrived. She had made it. She was somewhere else.

Albert still stood in exactly the same place, when she had started to move. She had made the first move, even though it would have been up to him to begin, he was the man. And now it was too late, now he only could follow her, but exactly this he couldn’t do.

How would that look like? He was the man. It would make him look like a stupid fool. And he stayed where he was, proud, silent and obdurate. Emilia had become a spot on the horizon.

Finally she dared to look back and to call out for Albert, the love of her life.

Albert, come! It „ is beautiful here. I love you!“

He heard her calling, but he didn’t respond. A light tremor shook his body, a fainthearted attempt to move. But no, he couldn’t. It was too much, he had to give up on Emilia. Would he have made the beginning? Would he have walked towards the change?

No, probably not. He didn’t like change and he preferred to stay where he was. But then it had been up to Emilia to initiate the move! This was only a logical conclusion. No, it couldn’t be, this wasn’t right. Emilia was the woman and it was up to him to be the guide, to start the new beginning.

But now it was too late. He hadn’t moved and Emilia had left without him and now he could only follow. He couldn’t. Emilia was hardly recognisable anymore and her voice was only a faint whisper.


Until one only could hear her whispers and than she had become silent completely. One day Albert died on the spot. What became of Emilia no one knows, since she isn’t here anymore. She is somewhere else.’

Let me know what you made both of the story and the video by leaving a comment.

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