Eddy knows he has a right to live, like everyone else!

Der Wecker


His days are counted. He knows, of course he does. Every minute he could be thrown out, only functioning partially. Eddy is dependent on Paula’s mercy. However loudly or quietly he ticks doesn’t make a difference to her.

An alarm clock is an alarm clock, because it is supposed to alarm you. It has been designed to get on your nerves at random times. Mostly when it is still dark outside. People need to get up, go to work. Or, maybe some freaks want to have a look at the blood moon.

Nearly everyone is dependent on their alarm clock, fearing they might not manage on their own, lacking the motivation. Who anyway feels like hopping out of bed at all given weird, impossible times, like most children and cats do? For a grown adult to be ready for a new adventure, prepared to play from dawn onwards is odd!

Within a life of duty and achievement, the alarm clock on the other hand becomes a helping hand, an accomplice . Otherwise it would be superfluous. Surely this must be an invention of the industrial era.

Eddy is still on time, but he hasn’t got it in him anymore to alarm Paula at all times. He’s gotten too tired. He prays, that maybe she doesn’t need someone to get on her nerves anymore either. Eddy communicates with her by ticking lovingly and softly into Paula’s ears. They still can spend a good time together, even though he’s now flawed, he thinks.

Quite frankly, Eddy was relieved, when he all of a sudden stopped ringing. He never enjoyed, having to stare into Paula’s grumpy face each time he woke her. He much prefers to watch Paula sleeping. Waking up, when she wants to, not because she has to.

He has spent a considerable time with her. It must amount to at least 20 years, accompanying Paula to many different places and countries. On rare occasions she had enjoyed, hearing Eddy ring. Especially when he reminded her not to miss a flight.  Paula usually was so excited, that she got up long before he was due to ring.

Things change. Now, he isn’t able to ring anymore. He doesn’t want to be thrown away. Eddy wants to share his well earned retirement with Paula, watching her sleep during nighttime. He longs to keep on ticking softly throughout her dreams. He only can hope, that he is as meaningful to Paula as she is to him. Someone special close to her heart, who doesn’t want to be confused with a broken, inanimate object.

Eddy knows he has a right to live, to be appreciated like everyone else! He keeps on ticking softly into Paula’s ears, reminding her as often as he can:

‘Paula, I love you.’

Now, that I have written this story I probably never will be able to throw Eddy out. He has become so real, even though I am not Paula. My alarm clock is not an alarm clock anymore, it has become Eddy, begging to live. What’s your relationship with your alarm clock or don’t you use one?

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Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
6 years ago

Interesting piece – it makes me think that time and time keeping are two different things. I recall the Taliban would say, “The US has all the watches and we have all the time.”

Andy Bilewycz
Andy Bilewycz
6 years ago

That is lovely, Anja…

Andy Bilewycz
Andy Bilewycz
6 years ago
Reply to  Anja

No worries! You humanise life with your words… 🙂