Did we really do this show

Did we really do this show

I still can’t believe, that we really did do this. We wrote and created an evening filling four women show from scratch without any money whatsoever. What’s even more unbelievable that we actually brought it to the Fringe Theatre Festival in Edinburgh.

Did we really do this show

But let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

It all began with meeting Rachel Rouncefield. She’s a writer and we met during a writing workshop. We went to a Café afterwards and started talking about all sorts of stuff. Rachel told me she long time ago played Hecabe in Women of Troy at school and she would love to do it again.

Spontaneously I said:

‘Give me the play and we’ll do it.’

After I had read the play, I was even more intrigued with the idea to take the main four female characters and to write our own play, using ‘Women of Troy’ as a jump off point. Luckily for me, Rachel was a good sports. We found ourselves two other women to play with and our journey began.

Did we really do this show
Claire Jaquemong
Did we really do this show
Nina Eilertsen

For me the whole process was incredibly fulfilling and exciting all at the same time. I was in the lucky position to direct as well as play in our show we later called ‘How desperate can it get’ ,  since I was the only professionally trained actress.

Did we really do this show

The other three women were courageous enough to come along for the ride. I don’t know, but I seem to have a hand for encouraging people to try out things they’ve never done in their lives before. Curious, really, but great.

Everyone was writing their own part and of course we improvised a lot for the dialogues. We also included film, which I never had done in a theatre show before and it gave a wonderful new dimension to ‘How desperate can it get’.

For me it was a perfect playground and honestly I could have done it forever.

We found rooms to rehearse in for free and we eventually had enough supporters, funding our journey to the fringe in Edinburgh. Even though we had to stay in a camping place and only could perform for two nights. That’s all we could afford.


Did we really do this show

But we all agreed on it being a great adventure not to be missed out on. Rachel and me still think we created a great script and once in a while we tell each other:

‘We should do something with this. Get it published or find another theatre company playing it.’

I personally would love to see what someone else was doing with it and how they would interpret it. You always can develop things further and it would be great to have a fresh set of eyes, dealing with our show. Personally I find it much more challenging to rework something versus creating something new from scratch. If I was to rework it, I would have to have someone by my side who’s totally new to the material. This way it might work.

Did we really do this show
Mask I created for the show

However, Rachel became one of those great friends, I could go on several creative adventures with. And honestly those kind of friendships in my eyes are the best.

I love working with people together on projects and get to know them better this way. It’s so much more fun, than just going out for meals or the movies. Well, we’re all different I guess.

The video below depicts a scene we played around with and which ended up in our show. I don’t mean the film, but us playing the scene. The mask you see below was borrowed and we replaced it with another one I made especially for the show as shown in the photo above.




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