Coming Soon Quirks: ‘Inappropriate Colours’ is the new talk in town

’Hi, I’m Anja Kersten

And have I got news for you

You better listen

Get ready all you whacky minds

And leave those umbrellas at home

Absurdity is rising,

Routine is getting low


It’s raining inapproapriate colours! Halleluja!

It’s raining inappropriate colours! Amen!’

(Adapted from the Weather girls, It’s raining men)

Kleinere Version

It’s not my fault! Edward Chapman came up with this fabulous title.

‘Inappropriate Colours’!

And now I’m gonna run with this, not only as a book title, but as a whole category as well. It just fits so well. Don’t worry, I’ve got his blessing.

There’s actually a little story to ‘Inappropriate Colours’ and it all happened last year.

I gathered some brilliant minds to help me generate new ideas for my creative business. We were sitting in our still then victorian sitting room with green walls, endless front windows, inviting us to soak in the outside beauty, consisting of a park, bordered by trees. There were papers spread out on the table and via Skype we could say high five to Kevin Sari, leading the session from the States. We were full of anticipation. I guess like schoolchildren, going on a field trip, searching for tadpoles to bring back.

It was time to go wild and throw all our whacky ideas on the table! The strangest one we came up with, was  having me perform in a super sized fish tank, surrounded by fish mongers, selling their catch of the day at the same time.

When our heads were already bursting with all the imagined possibilities and our faces red like ripe tomatoes, Edward finally blurted out ‘Inappproapriate Colours’! I immediately was hooked! Yes, that’s great. This new word creation is already absurdity in itself and perfect for many of my pieces, being rather off the wall. You can’t imagine how thrilled I was! It was as if I had discovered my new favorite chocolate of all time.

So guess what coming soon quirks I have got for you in June…

Inappropriate Colours of course!

I’ve got two trumps in my hand!

Let’s play, I’ll win!

I’ll delight you with ’Inappropriate Colours: 12-story-delights for the whacky mind’ which will come out as an E-Book format. It will be published earliest mid and latest end of June.

Here is what you can expect!

‘You will encounter a musical mouse, discovering her talent under unforeseen circumstances. A depressed blueberry, wanting to leave blueberry land, where everyone is happy all the time. Not to mention the butter bee, specializing on a new trade altogether, the transmission bench, which helps you escape any form of responsibility and many more absurdities, awaiting your discovery. Each one of the stories has a little, whacky illustration or photo, I created immediately after writing the piece. The illustrations don’t aim to be professional, but rather uncover a bit more of the unruly soul of each story.’ (Extract from my introduction)

Go here and read an extract of ‘the butter bee and the knot tree’

The second trump I have, is fresh in the making and brand new!

I’ll videotape two minute long, whacky improvisations and share them with you in my blog. It’ll be a continuous ‘Inappropriate Colours’ series and I can’t wait to get started. The first thing I’ll improvise on is: ‘It’s complicated …’

If you want me to tackle something, which is burning on your mind, let me know. The only thing I really am not interested in are political subjects.

Watch the space, and make sure you get the book, when it comes out! You won’t regret it! If you want to be on the safe side I suggest you sign up for my newsletter, so you don’t miss out on the actual release dates of both the first episode of the series and the book.

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Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
6 years ago

PS who’s on the cover?

Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
6 years ago

Your website’s in full swing you should be very happy. I think things are moving in the right direction keep it up!