This is true and I am not just saying this because I am a huge fan of Brené Brown’s work, but because it is the only logical conclusion one can come to, thinking closely about it. When we not create we learn someone else’s views, someone else’s discoveries etc. There is nothing wrong with it whatsoever. We all have benefited, learning from someone else’s experiences and their innate wisdom, which has come of this. But I don’t believe we have come down to this precious earth to walk in anyone else’s shoes but our own. Each single one of us has a special gift, which usually only can be expressed, when we start to create ourselves, instead of just reacting to what life or others throw at us.

True creative expression is the language of the soul, which is deeply interconnected with all living beings as well as mother earth. It gives us meaning and purpose in our lives. In my opinion, we ultimately all hunger for exactly this!
I am here to help you uncover your creativity again, to enforce it, so that you can use it to solve the challenges you are confronted with in your life. Be it health issues, work issues, personal issues, artistic issues, you name it. I can’t solve your problems, but I can help you find your inner creative source, which can help you solve your problems.

Is this Coaching for you?

Warning! This Coaching is not for you, if you want someone else to fix your problems and if you are not willing to do the work involved. The only one responsible for your growth and change is yourself at the end of the day.

This Coaching is for you if you sincerely want to learn and grow beyond the limiting beliefs you have set for yourself and which keep you stuck in the same old place.

This Coaching is for you if you want to reconnect with your soul and find your own unique creative expression.

This Coaching is for you if you want to use your creative resources for your business, your work and you don’t know quite how.

This Coaching is for you if you want to be more creative in dealing with other people, within your close relationships.

This Coaching is for you if you are a creative person yourself and you want to find ways to deepen your practice, taking your creativity to new horizons.

This Coaching is for you if you are dealing with life challenges, like health issues for example, and you want to find a new, more empowering perspective on them, as well as developing your own unique, creative way to deal with them.

My Coaching Background:

IMG_1210AnjaBesides writing, performing and any sort of creativity, I have always been deeply interested into psychology and self-development. I studied Social Work in Hildesheim, Germany and finished with a BA in Social Work. Strong influences, besides theatre work, were Carl Rogers “client centered therapy approach”. I did do an additional year long training in Theatre Work in Heidelberg, Germany. Later I studied Coaching with Martin Sage, who has been greatly influenced by Abraham Maslow’s work and his “hierarchy of needs”.
I continuously keep on reading inspirational work, like books by Dr. Wayne Dyer for example, or do online courses like with Brené Brown on the “Gifts of Imperfection” for example, all sorts of other workshops, to keep on learning and growing myself, as a person as well as a coach.

I started coaching in 2003 more than a decade ago now. Originally I concentrated on business people, who wanted to learn how to present themselves in a more authentic way, using a lot of theatre techniques.
Since my own life and creative practice has so much changed in the last couple of years, I changed my coaching approach as well, making it my main focus to enable people to find and harness their own creativity again.

How does it work?

I am mainly coaching via Skype and one session has the duration of an hour. If you first want to get to know me more and see, whether my coaching approach works for you, I offer a 15 min. free speed coaching session, you can book with me any time. My prices are variable, according to what you can and want to afford. Since my own creative practice is very important to me, I am only able to take a certain amount of people at a time.

Please contact me, if you want to have more information or book a free 15 min. speed coaching session.