Be Creative

 I am your Miss Marple!

With my red intuition torch I shine a light into your lost magic world, detecting the buried pirate treasures full of ancient gold coins and exotic ruby diamonds. I know what it feels like to have come to a dead end! Nothing seems to work anymore. You’re stuck and you hate every minute of it. You just can’t escape the persistent feeling of staleness.  Let me give you another possible scenario. You are caught in the spin cycle of endless confusion. You ask yourself constantly: ’What should I be doing? What do I really want?’ Does any of the above apply? You’re in the right place. I’m here to help. Let’s leave the worn out couch of lethargy behind and set a smooth course into exciting, new waters full of inspiration and aliveness.

All you have to do is say yes and embark on a creative coaching adventure with me! In true Miss Marple style, I’ll be on your case immediately!

Here is how it works:

Press one of the red contact buttons and you’ll be referred to my contact form. Explain shortly which coaching you are interested in and why. Give me three possible dates and times for your free consultation Skype call. You can either have a ’quick peak session’, that only lasts 15 min. or a 45 min. ’Bring it on I want to know’ call. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange an appointment. Within your free consultation, we’ll concentrate on what you want to specifically work on. It might be that you want help to generate the next creative project or you might want to get out of a stuck life situation, that is bothering you. I’ll let you know, which coaching module would work best for your needs. I am also happy to make you a tailor made coaching package. After you have signed the contract and paid either the whole amount or the first instalment, we’ll set the first two dates for your coaching sessions. You’re all set to unleash the magic world and find the hidden treasures, that’s been hiding from you!

Get a free 15 min. or 45 min. consultation via Skype to see whether you’d benefit from a three or six month long creative coaching. Together we can make it happen! Contact me now! 

£ 570
  • Exit lost-in-the wilderness with no clear signs country and fly to absurd, full of possibilities wonderland instead!
  • Retrieve your magic compass and find out what you really want! It’s time to change and try out new things.
  • You only have to invest less than £7 a day, that’s two Starbucks Cappuccino’s, to unravel your own map of wondrous possibilities.
  • We’ll master the challenge of facing unwanted shadows and the fear of change together. I’ve got your back!
  • You get two 60 min. coaching sessions via Skype per month, bi-weekly check ins / consultations via email. I’ll record your Skype sessions upon request and give you a PDF inspiration list that will keep you going long after the coaching has finished.
  • End the confusion circus and get some spontaneous clarity now!

£ 1140
  • Leave the mouldy, leftover cheese sandwich feeling behind and get a fresh, exotic chilli excitement instead!
  • Find your own buried pirate treasure, that will make you irresistible and set you up for future success. Get ready to sail into adventurous Neverland!
  • You only have to invest less than £14 a day, that’s your eat out lunch with a drink, to unravel your own inner, intuitive magic.
  • With the Master Mind I’ll make sure, you break through the major blockage that is keeping you away from all the good things! We’ll master the challenge of facing unwanted shadows and the fear of change together. I’ve got your back!
  • You get weekly 60 min. coaching sessions via Skype, additional check ins via email. I’ll record your Skype sessions upon request and give you an inspiration list as PDF that keeps you going long after the coaching has finished.
  • Get unstuck and shine a light on your secret, pirate treasure now!


‘Anja is very professional in her field of consulting and great in profiling and focusing on the spot, where coaching and training is necessary. With Anja’s accurate intuition within a given situation, it’s a delight to leave one’s own ‘comfort zone‘ behind and engage in new experiences. I only strongly can recommend her coaching program for anyone who’s interested in the adventure coaching.’
Andreas Diegelmann – VP Business Development at Vibracoustic CV Air Springs GmbH
‘I always thought a coach would tell me to think differently about things. What Anja did with her method – she made me feel I can think differently about myself. And that changed everything! Did you ever realise, that the person you’re seeking to be, is already inside of you? Well, Anja can get you there. I hesitated to hire a coach, because every single one of them promised me the same. Anja told me we would be together in this challenge. That got me going! Thank you Anja!‘ 
Arne Vollstedt – – Photography & Web Design

I met Anja through a network activity in  Hamburg several years ago and made use of her coaching services to improve my social and professional skills.
It soon became clear to me that she was the right person to contact for coaching. I liked most the outstanding and special elements of her working style such as
–        individual approach and trustful and positive way of working together
–        encouraging the hidden sources of spontaneity
–        inviting to improvise, learning how to act off the cuff in everyday life situations
–        always keeping a body and soul balance
I would strongly recommend her – because I enjoyed her coaching myself. It is the creative way of working with a person, addressing the person’s own skills and mental sources I most liked with her. This is a good basis for mutual success. I did not hesitate buying, because she was recommended to me by a person whom I fully trusted.
Indeed, her style of coaching came up to my expectations and helped me to improve my skills.

Walter Chromik, Freelance Interpreter