An unfinished show in my own sitting room, have I lost the plot?


I don’t really think I have lost the plot and since the date of my performance 28th of March is coming frighteningly close now, I am rather excited. There is a lot to be said for having theatre take place outside of its normal, very acquainted and traditional settings. That is especially, if a show is more unpredictable und experimental like mine certainly is.
Lyn Gardner states in an article called “Wisdom of the crowd:interactive theatre is where it’s at!” (The Guardian, 2. March 2010) the following:
“Put people in a traditional theatre auditorium, and – with the exception of a few mobile phones going off – people behave traditionally. But let them loose in other spaces, and they now increasingly expect to get the opportunity to play, genuinely interact, curate their own experience of the work and feel that their presence really does make a difference – that being there matters.”
We are so habitual beings and it makes total sense to me to move the theatre from time to time to new locations, creating a different atmosphere, helping to provoke a new perspective. Mind you I do love the traditional theatre settings as well and it would rather be a shame if this form all of a sudden wouldn’t exist anymore. All of my other shows have mostly been performed in traditional theatre settings, with a proper stage and lights. And who knows I might move this show at some point back to a more traditional setting.
But since my show is an ongoing work in process, throughout at least this year, it makes sense to start small and in my sitting room, which will create a cosy, intimate atmosphere. It’ll be a new experience for everyone involved and maybe this is the most exciting bit.

Me the actor and my audience will be sitting exactly in the same boat sailing uncharted territory! During the break we all can recover by eating a delicious nut cake together. If this doesn’t sound tempting I don’t know! I am certainly up for the adventure!
Have you already booked a ticket? There are is only a few out of 10 places left!

Here is the flyer:
The nutty, dancing dervish show

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Andy Bilewycz
Andy Bilewycz
6 years ago

Hope it went well, Anja. Hope your audience enjoyed the nut cake, too… 🙂