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About Anja

You sit in your comfy, blue sofa chair right by the shelf of your most beloved books and read a story, that transports you into a different world like Tim Burton’s version of ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It’s colourful, it’s dark, it’s magic.

Next thing you know, you bought tickets to a show, that sounds different and exciting. The light is dimmed, the show is about to start and you’re thrilled with the excitement of not knowing what to expect. You know for sure though it’s gonna be a rollercoaster of  entertainment, provocation and surprise! This is exactly what you signed up for, because you are an adventurer at heart.

Once in a while you love watching quirky, surreal film snippets to remind you of the more soulful aspects of life, which we can’t see but constantly surround us, very much like the air we breathe.

In short, you love art that inspires you, is thought-provoking and stimulates your own imagination!

Look no further, you’re exactly in the right place! This is where all the wackiness and magic can be found!

I know you’re the kind of person  who gets things done when you put your mind to something. Your new business venture, selling running equipment, has been thought through to the point it is absolutely bullet proof. You add the numbers up, you calculate, you organise. You’re an expert at writing to do lists. Your determination, passion and focus are big driving forces in your life!

There is only one thing missing!

You wish you could be more creative, being a secret writer ’in incognito’ yourself. You long for that space within you that is playful, where you don’t have to worry about how to earn money. Yes, your analytical mind is great to help you prepare for the next marathon you’ll participate in, but absolutely useless, when attempting to enter the unruly world of imagination, where people like Edward Scissorhands exist.

I know how easy it is to get sucked into the world of to do lists. Sometimes even the things we usually love doing, like being creative, turn into a bullet pointed nightmare, haunting us with their contempt of not having been crossed off yet.

It’s time for a break! You need a muse, that helps you find the refresh button, so that you can see things from a different perspective again!

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Hi, I’m Anja and I love to create soulful art to inspire people. When I write or when I perform, I often don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do. I might give myself a certain framework to work with, like write about a character that is an alarm clock or perform while only speaking nonsense or I might leave it completely open. Improvisation and the spirit of exploration greatly inform all of my work. I try let go of all the concepts about what I should be doing, take a deep breath and walk bravely into the discomfort of the unknown, searching for originality. It’s scary and thrilling at the same time, like traveling to a foreign country with strange customs and you don’t know their language.

Through my creative coaching I want to enable others to leave their comfort zone behind to expand into a new space, where more of their own whacky goals can be made real.

Official Bio

17Anja Kersten is a writer, performer and filmmaker. She inspires people to see, feel and think things differently. She wants to bring the magic back and transform people’s lives.

Having grown up in a creative environment with an artist for a mum, gave her an intimate  relationship  with the imaginary world, where all creativity ultimately resides.

During her time as a pupil in the Rudolf-Steiner-School Nuremberg she discovered her love for acting as well as her passion for inventing stories. To get a better understanding of human behaviour she studied Social Work in Hildesheim.

Anja Kersten absorbed several theatrical approaches, studied with the School for Theatre in Heidelberg  ’Theaterwerkstatt Heidelberg‘  theatre & education. Finally she went to London to train in the Lecoq method at the School of Physical Theatre.

Her desire to be helpful to others led her to do an additional Coaching Training with Martin Sage. She is available for Creative Coaching for people, who need some support on their creative journeys.

Anja Kersten has written and performed several solo shows in England as well as in Germany. She directed and played in a four women show called ’How desperate can it get!’, which has been performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. Her first book a compilation of her stories called ’Geschichtenmagie’ has been published in Germany.

Anja Kersten now lives in Galway Ireland, which influences her creative work to a great deal.

Actor’s Bio

D. of birth:
Anja Kersten
1st of March 1972
Galway, Ireland
5′ 7” (1.70 m)
Blue – Greyish
Light Brown
German (native), English (fluent) French (basic)
Yoga, Horse Riding, Improvisation, Clowning, Workshop Leader, Body Mind Centering, Modern & Contemporary Dance, Six Viewpoints, Contact Improvisation, Performing Arts, Writing, Singing: Mezzo – Soprano


2001 – 2003

Lab 1, Digital Practices, Art Incubator, Make a Move Project (EU)

Summer Intensive with SITI, Suzuki and Six Viewpoints

The Studio Los Angeles, International Filmactorstraining
School Of Physical Theatre London

Monologues 2018

Films by and with Anja Kersten

ImpaKt Theatre

Impakt Theatre has been founded by Anja Kersten 2002 in London, representing as well her newly created, exciting solo theatre shows as productions with a bigger cast.

ImpaKt Theatre is committed to sharing the journey! This starts with developing a show, encouraging people to explore their own creativity and involving audiences.

A brief history of ImpaKt Theatre, beginning with the latest show, having been produced up to date:

Anja Kersten and Rachel Rouncefield as “Cheese & Pickle” performed 2013 in the St. Ives Arts Club.
Slightly surreal, sometimes subterranean, significantly sweet, and surprisingly sensuous – Cheese & Pickle will make you think, laugh and question what matters and why!
Both characters seem to be on the opposite end of a line. Sensuality versus naivety, anger versus lighthearted righteousness. The question is who wins! Anja Kersten and Rachel Rouncefield use film, movement, improvisation and audience involvement as the main elements of the show.


2011 ImpaKt Theatre produced “How desperate can it get!” with a cast of four, which has been taken to the Fringe in Edinburgh. The show has been written by Nina Eilertsen, Claire Jaquemond, Anja Kersten and Rachel Rouncefield. Anja Kersten also directed the show.
It is about a righteous mother, a betrayed housewife, a misunderstood daughter, a beauty who never gets what she deserves.
The Story ( Inspired by Euripides “Trojan Women”)
In Euripides’ play four characters: Andromache,Helen, Hecabe and Cassandra struggle to make sense of a world where prophesying the future is an everyday occurrence; their homes have been razed to the ground by Greek armies; murder of children and families is an accepted way of keeping order and using your beauty to keep your head seems to make you the object of everyone else’s derision.
Is it really any different for women today?
In How Desperate Can It Get? our four characters are faced with some equally scary modern day challenges:
Betrayal – Loss – Duty – Motherhood – Abuse – Romance – Sanity
How will they react? Can they find an inner strength to guide them? What will it take to push them over the edge?
In the end – just How Desperate Can It Get?
Audience Comments:
“Interesting, thought provoking, charming, witty and humorous. Tackled modern day issues with a twist. Intriguing and very well presented” – Nina Kiernander

“Mind The Trap” premiered 2006 in London. This edited performance has been taped 2008 in Germany, in a theatre “Die 2te Heimat” in Hamburg. “Mind the Trap has been written by Anja Kersten and directed by Ron East.
Lillie von Lichtenfeld the main character of this dark, comedic piece wants to find out what it means to be a woman. Little does she know, that she embarks on an eventful journey with her twin sister Dora Darko, messing everything completely up Lillie had imagined so wonderfully before. Of course Lillie is left to her own devices cleaning up the mess Dora has caused, still trying to figure out, whether the woman is the spider, the fly or even both!
An absurd show full of obscurity and laughter, dealing with love from a female perspective!

“Circus Of Emotions”
premiered 2003 in the School of Physical Theatre London. It has been written by Anja Kersten and directed by Ron East.
“A young woman – waiting, hesitating, doubtful … To face up to the situation or to withdraw from everything? Long suppressed emotions come to the surface and start to have their own life: The adventure begins!”
Anja Kersten shows in a mixture of physical theatre, dance and satire a keen tightrope walk between an anxcious need to control and the courageous handling with the own emotions. In an imaginative way she uses the symbolism of animal characters representing the different emotions. The main character goes through a metamorphosis being the snake, the bull, the horse and finally the lion. A confrontation with oneself – full of contrasts, like a circus.

‘About Anja’s coaching I liked the most her unique insights and viewpoints. She really has the ability to think out of the box. She is also committed to the cause and I felt, that she was ‘on board‘ with what I was doing. Working with a coach is a way to pick one’s way through the obstacles that are blocking your path. When I realised that the only thing stopping me from achieving what I wanted to do is uncertainty, fear and not knowing, that was when I saw I needed coaching. What I would say to a friend is: ‚You cannot watch your own back, get a coach, get Anja!‘
Katie Bainbridge – Writer