9 bizarre doodles want to be with you

Bizarre doodles

Fire is in the house, what are you gonna do?

So, I am finished with my ‘Fifty Shades of Stuck’ doodle challenge. For those, who really liked it, I have good news. I am putting the best doodles with some inspiring text into a freebie! I hope to have it ready soon. Watch out!

Because I get bored without a challenge, I am working on a new one. It’s called ‘Finding meaning in senseless doodles’. The sketches you are looking at in this blog post, are my latest creations. If you want to see all of my bizarre doodles, connect with me on Instagram. I’ve sketched fifty up to now.  Mmh, I think I actually need to come up with a new challenge soon again…

In this one, I basically doodle and write down the thoughts, which come to my mind, while doodling. I have highlighted my thoughts directly underneath each picture.

I personally believe, when you dare to enter the senseless realms, there is a lot of wisdom to be found. Enjoy!


Bizarre doodles

Suppressed energy always finds a way to express itself. Even when it has to go underground.

I believe a lot of illness creates itself like that.

Bizarre doodles

What, what you see me run free and don’t like it? It’s not my fault, if you choose to imprison your spirit.

Often it seems to be easier to follow someone else’s rules, but your own.

Bizarre doodles

Thoughts are like birds. Soaring the skies, they cluster.

You know what I mean?

Bizarre doodles

Things are never finished. They only appear to be. Just as life does.

Beginnings and ends are an illusion of the mind.

Bizarre doodles

When the pendulum swings to the one direction, it has to swing back to the other side as well. Simple!

Yes, really!

Bizarre doodles

From the inside to the outside. And from the outside to the inside.

There’s nothing to add.

Bizarre doodles

Things seem so disconnected at times. But are they really?

I guess not and it’s easy to forget.

Bizarre doodles

Most of the times, less is more applies. When you do little, you think you’re boring. But we are intrigued. When you do too much, we often don’t buy it. Of course this only applies to performance and performance alone… It’s got nothing to do with life!

I hope you enjoyed my bizarre doodles and the prompts, which go along with them. I would love to hear from you.

Which one of the 9 bizarre doodles spoke to you the most? What are your thoughts?

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Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
5 years ago

Sorry I responded after looking back through the original sketches, but again I always loved your sketches – you need to bottle them now.

Kevin Sari
Kevin Sari
5 years ago
Reply to  Anja