5 apples, 10 pieces of lump sugar, cranberry jelly and a corer!


We lived in a beautiful house with a garden that had a plum tree. This was before my parents got divorced.
I loved the house and the garden and the plum tree.
My dad used to bake each year a plum cake from the plums the plum tree gifted us with.
He made the best plum cake ever! Seriously!
I remember the smell, when the plum cake was in the oven. I remember my excitement and impatience about when the first cake was ready for consumption and I finally could have a taste.
The fact that the plums were not bought plums from the supermarket, but our plums from the plum tree made it so much more special!

My grandparents, that was my dad’s parents, also had a wonderful garden. And they had a very old, beautiful apple tree in it.
My grandma used to always send me food parcels to all the places, where I used to live, after I had moved out from my mom’s place.
And she made the best stollen!
There must be a certain “best ever bake gene” in both my grandma and dad!

Around this time of the year, she’d send me one of her famous stollen.
She used to send all sorts of things.
I remember opening one of her parcels, expecting her great stollen, only to find the following ingredients instead:

5 apples, 10 lump sugars, cranberry jelly and a corer.

I was perplexed! What the heck was that all about! Where was my stollen? On the bottom I found a handwritten note with exact instructions for how to make baked apples. The apples were of course not just any apples, but from my grandparent’s apple tree.
At that time I was studying in Hildesheim and sharing a flat with four other people, which explains why there were 5 apples.
You can’t imagine how much my flatmates loved my grandma from that moment on. It was such a heart warming thing to do and it created so much joy in our hearts. It made us bake and eat the apples together. It made us connect with one another.
Thinking of it, I and my flatmates were smitten with the simplicity of it. Who on earth would have send you 5 apples, 10 pieces of lump sugar, cranberry jelly and a corer, where you just could go to the next supermarket around the corner and buy them yourself, if you wanted to.
My grandma would!
We never would have had baked apples, if she would not have sent this parcel!
In fact I believe my grandma was the queen of the food parcel! She used to send me things like pickled herrings. Amazing how the food usually would survive the journey. Except this one time, when she sent me boiled eggs for easter. Unfortunately the post office was on strike and I only could collect the parcel weeks later. The rotten eggs smelled through the whole post office …

How much would I give for another of my grandma’s food parcels. A parcel with 5 apples, 5 pieces of lump sugar, cranberry jelly and a corer.



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laura gaffke
6 years ago

This is a beautiful story Anja!

Renate aus Penzance
Renate aus Penzance
6 years ago

Hallo Anja,
meine Oma schickte mir auch immer Päckchen mit Leckereien, wenn auch nicht mit dem Obst aus ihrem Garten. Wunderbare Omas, das! Unvergessen eben.

8 years ago

Hi Anja, and dear sweet Eva, this heartwarming story brought tears to my eyes. Of course, we still knew her all these years back. What a wonderful gift, nourishment for body and soul. Have a happy ” Advent” time! K&H