4 ways to get to know me creatively

4 ways to get to know me creatively

Creatively speaking, I like to express myself in many different ways; Writing, doodling, performing.

So, I thought in this blog post, I share with you 4 different blog posts, that perfectly highlight my different sides.

The lost mouse in the heating, which can be found in my book ‘Inappropriate Colours, 12 story-delights for the whacky mind’, is one of those stories many people love. That’s why I decided to read it for those folks, who rather listen to a story, instead of having to read it for themselves.

The funny thing is, that I so wanted it to be different, that I encountered quite a few challenges recording the damn thing.

You can read about it here and it’s called:

1. Behind the scenes: It needs to be different

To be honest, I still am debating with myself, whether I should make a series out of this.

I mean reading my stories to you. Although at the moment, I can’t use my green screen. The walls are round, where I live at the moment. So, I’d probably have to wait until I have found something more permanent or forget about the background. Mmmmhhh… What do you think?

When the pendulum swings to the one direction, it has to swing back to the other as well. Simple! (Finding meaning in senseless doodles)

Yes, this is a side of mine, I only discovered by accident, because I loved to insert a drawing into my stories. But since then, I have created a few doodle series, that are well able to stand on their own. This one, was named ‘Finding meaning in senseless doodles’ and I am intending to make a book of this, because I have a good collection of those.

To see more of this series, click here. 

So, this is the second way, to get to know me creatively.

2. 9 bizarre doodles want to be with you

Fifty shades of stuck

Yes, another series based on drawings, called ‘Fifty shades of stuck’. What I love about these doodle collections, is that each one of them has a different feeling to it. Even the drawings for my character studies are different than the ones for stories like the ‘Lost Mouse in the Heating’.

There’s more of, where that one picture came from here.

4. Fifty shades of stuck, especially for you

Okay, and this picture is very much in contrast to the other images of this blog. Creatively speaking, I am a complex being with many different facets and I am not ready to be boxed into just one thing, like for example actress and that’s it. I am many things, constantly.

The picture above, Tony Brown took during a performance piece, I did in the St. Ives Art’s club. It included dance, drama and a poem and you can all find out about it here.

Performance is huge for me, because it makes me really feel alive. Maybe it’s one of my favorite ways to get to know me creatively.

4. Not being able to stop, because you’re loving it

The advantage of me expressing myself in so many different ways is, that the chances you like one of those avenues increase with each one of my many expressions.

What about you, how do you like to express yourself creatively? Do you hone in on one thing or are you like me, needing to play around with lots of things? Leave me a comment.



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Hi Anja, I was just going through your story about The Lost mouse in the heating today in the evening. This is quite an unusual story and it shows that you are creative in your thinking. I feel your independence and freedom gives you that time and helps to accentuate your creative thinking. Also looking at some of your pictures from theatre, I feel that deep inside you know yourself and not superficial. That’s a gift you have I don’t see in many people I meet. Don’t let it go obscure. As a good friend I can say that you… Read more »